After this patch, do you think Evolve is playable/enjoyable for pubs?

Well… Lets not talk about long waiting times cause we all know its bad.

I would like to know, if you think that Evolve is enjoyable for random people that want to play with random people after this patch ?

Cause it seemed to me that monsters were buffed for competetive scene , leaving randoms and pubs far behind in a dust.

Now the Monster will rekt them at stage 1 in few minutes = no fun for pub Hunters.

Yes I know I know Evolve should be played with friends, but what about players (like me) that dont like to play with same people over and over again ?

Here is little poll but also feel free to comment :slight_smile:

  • Yes, this patch is “pub killer” image
  • No, this patch is fun for pubs image

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We can still play Arena, maybe they rename it in Public Arena for us :joy:


I would like to make a statement here. Let me start with saying that I really really like this forum and I really really like Evole but what bothers me for a while now is some attitude problem I see from some people here.

There is a lot of negativity towards public players (like me or others) and as people tend to behave it becomes a “ALL the pubs” thing. So all Pubs are bad, all Pubs are not using mics all Pubs should stop playing this game, all the Pubs should sell the game and live in a cave for the rest of their life’s…

I really think that most people supporting this attitude against public players really underestimate that the majority of players out there are PUBLICs! And it’s not the handful of member in here or the few Pro players in the World that bought enough copies of the game and the DLCs in order for TRS to be able to develop new content and bring us new game modes and skins and stuff its the Pubs that you had so much that happily spend their money on DLCs etc.
Please bear in mind that without all this shitty playing, no mic using players this game would exists anymore.
So all of the players who think they are on top of the food chain because they have friends to play with and feel extremely skilled be happy and enjoy the game but give all other players a right to enjoy this game too and don’t forget that some people just play games for fun and not just to get No.1 in the world. I know it’s frustrating when you grouped up with bad players but life goes on and Evolve goes on too and next time you win again.
At the end of the day all the Pubs that receive so little love and so much hate are the once that probably make the difference on whether we see another Hunting Pass or even Evolve 2 in the future and not the handful for Pro and Semi-pro players around.


The monsters I’ve encountered have either sucked or it’s been a really close game. I have only been completely stomped twice so far. Every game has been a blast. It’s important to lnow that I haven’t played solo, just in a group of two.
When I play monster on the other hand, I wreck shop.
Rank seems to be working fine though for hunters. As monster my opponents are better than they used to be which is fun, but I still stomp pubs.

It’s all about experience and how much you like playing the damn game tbh. While I do premades with some friends, yes we use mics, but that’s not the reason we win. Mics we use just to chat and make fun of things etc 80% of the time, we win because each knows his role we focus on fulfilling it. I can play with pubs this way just as well, problem is most pubs just don’t have enough experience/willingness to learn/improve. Most still don’t know how to manage jetpack fuel, dodge abilities, swap cloaks, not push alone, SPREAD, etc. Most pubs suck just because they’re not as experienced as players that make the effort to organize.

Edit: Your question is made better maybe if you ask “Is evolve fun for casuals?” Well with the new matchmaking system, maybe it will be. With the old one, not really. Now at least if you are bronze, you should fight bronze monsters. Casual monsters.

Edit 2: It is also hard for pubs to improve because there is no real drive to do so. It doesn’t matter if you dodge like a boss most of the times, if your team just dies while holding eachother’s hands from 1 vortex + 1 aftershock in 3 and a half seconds. So you are not motivated to actually play well. After a while of game after game like that, you just give up and get the opinion “monster op”. People in a group tend to compete with eachother, nobody wants to be the weakest link in a group of people that know one another. So they improve and improve and improve.


I wonder how many of the people voting are actual Pub players :sunglasses:

25% :stuck_out_tongue:

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Your are probably right :joy:

That’s where Ranked comes in. Once the system takes hold and everyone is ranked, you’ll start getting grouped with good players, and against monsters of equal skill. You won’t get roflstomped. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This, this, this, a hundred times this!

Seriously people, have a bit of faith and most importantly patience.

I’m a pub player and I’ve had nothing but fun since the patch came in, if anything I like the challenge more and playing against people at the same skill, makes closer matches which I haven’t actually had since I started playing at launch.


The poll is not clear at all

you are curious about our reaction but still your poll is confusing as

it’s fun & pub killer at the same time

the patch has been out for like 1 day? 1.5?

I admit I got frustrated with it yesterday, but given time it will hopefully even out a bit skill wise.

Now if we can just get the wait times down…

I was a little disappointed day 1 with my experience and low rank after 10 matches, which were all pubs.

Last night, day 2, i got put into some decent matches, even people with mics, and we won several games. My rank even increased to the next level. I think it’s gonna be fine. Give it some more time.

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This Ranking System does not work properly in its function to deliver enjoyable pub experience. Couple of reasons:

  1. Monsters are overbuffed so there is no such thing as “matched with
    equal-skill opponents”.
  2. Current system cannot determine your skill level since hunter-side you’re playing with 3 other players.
  3. More often than not, you have to wait quite some time and endure 10-15 loading screens and confirmation windows before getting into the actual match.

It’s been enjoyable for me the FIRST 10+ hours.
Not so much after that.

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I must have missed this when I scanned through the patch notes.

Stage 1 and 2 got buffs , which are now the most common stages during the game ends.

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I don’t think the mm or the game are really ‘optimized’ for pub play. Not that it isn’t a blast I basically NEVER have an evolve friend on but I go into it knowing that I could have to wait 5 min to get a lobby where no one quits.

[quote=“Zeon, post:16, topic:67231”]
Stage 1
[/quote]has lower armor than before, making the monster easier to kill than ever before.

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Stage one wraith has one more armour, no? In any regard I rarely leave 1st dome with less than a single bar of health so taking 1 armour off the top is no big, considering the S1 melee buffs and such.

Food for thought!

It’s funny that you say that since before this patches hunters were way over buffed and OP against monsters. Now that it’s actually a challenge, hunter players are complaining just because now they actually have to work together and cooperate to take down a monster. Just give it time and I’m sure as you progress, you’ll begin to see that it’s probably not as bad as you’re exaggerating.