After the update, are the devs still getting a salary?


By looking in the game’s shop, nothing is currently buyable with real money. This made me ask myself “how the devs are getting money if the game is currently 100% F2P”.
If nothing is buyable with real money, the devs will be in dept and it’ll cause a lot of problems to the game. It couldn’t be updated and the problems in the game couldn’t be solved.

If the devs still have a salary, tell me how they get it because I’m a little upset about it.

PS: Please, don’t make a flamewar because the question I asked is somehwhat related to money.


Possibly letting everyone figure out which characters are OP, then releasing purchase plans so everyone goes out and buys koins for those hunters/monsters to put some money in the bank soon.


Keys and more DLC content is my guess


I’m sure you’ll be able to buy those silver coins soon enough. And yes TRS still has to pay their employees.


If their new ip will be out soon, evolve can stay pretty safe 100% free


I think they’ve got this in the bag, they have learned there lesson the first time from going bankrupt well hopefully :stuck_out_tongue:


I think for the time being they are focusing on getting the playerbase up and keeping it up. I’m sure they will add purchasable keys and such when they are ready to do so.

This is just the beginning of a new Evolve after all. :slight_smile:


Also it is still a beta. And if i ain’t wrong it’s sort of “illegal” to put microtransactions in a beta version of a software
(This what i said may actually be a total bs though)


Also if they ever should put something to be bought, DON’T PUT SILVER KEYS AS A PURCHASABLE ITEM. Just put a key booster/multiplier with a time/ number of matches limitation.


Not really… they can’t have a game losing money and rely on other IPs to possibly keep them in the black.


How TRS will make money and why

Yes, they are.