After the patches we (hunters) don't win anymore against the monsters (PS4)


Hello guys,
I go to this forum to say something about the game. I play the game since 2015.02.10 and we really enjoy it. Most fun we have as a hunter with our friends. Our Win/Lose Ratio was at 2.10 we win two or three matches then we lose one I think. But since the last three weeks, we win only if the monster is really bad or he quit and we play against monster-bot.

Now we have about 100 hours play time experience so we are not completly stupid at this game. We tried so many tactics like go with Hank/Sunny an shield someone and heal with Val or Caira. Yesterday we trap the Goliath 4 or 5 times in dome and he hide/jumping around everytime when we want to deal damage. Our Trapper throwing Goby so we know everytime where he was but we can´t deal damage.

Its so hard after the patch to win against the monster. So I decide to play only monster and I was appalled. I win every match as Golaith or Behemoth, its just to easy to play the monster. Everytime when a reach stage 2 as monster , I go into a fight with the hunters strike someone and run away (depend on Medic). Final fight at stage 3 are so easy then.

After 10 hours playing the Monster I win 25 matches and lose maybe 2 or 3 matches. This can´t be a well balanced game.

Next I decided to watch gameplays on Twitch, maybe our tactic are not well. After watching 2 hours Evolve-Gameplay on Twitch there was the result, everytime wins the Monster. Only one time the hunter wins but only cause the monster was stucking in the wall or rock.

We play on PS4. In dont know about the other plattforms. Please guys make the game enjoyable for us as hunters again.

I think i am too bad for this game. Anyone else from monsters feels like total loser?

Just sounds like youve been getting outplayed. The recent patch actually nerfed Goliath and Kraken, as well as the cheesiest of hunters, so maybe you just got too reliant on that? Im not really sure what to tell you.


its wierd cuz he said last three weeks. where monsters have been struggling to win after tier 4. lol. opposite effect for them somehow.

maybe you guys won enough to play only great monster players


Yeah with @Quirkly sounds like you are being outplayed. I mean I would say before this last micropatch It was really hard to play monster.


I win as hunters. ^.-
Not sure why you’re generalizing yourself with the rest of us.


Geez am i the only one that constantly loses as monster?


Depends, define constantly? Like back to back, or just common.
If you just mean commonly, then no -.-
I was so proud of my 69 deaths then Boop nope.
Stupid Thor


Yes many times we have fight against first 15 of leaderboards on PS4. Its so hard against the Top 50.


Maybe its different on consoles.


I dont play enough to be up there. but im stomping all teams now. pre-mades are the best to fight since they pose a challenge now that tier 4 came out.

conversely tho. I have been winning like crazy as a hunter. i dunno you guys are doin something wrong. what comps do you run. i can help out


wouldn’t think so since I play on Xbox one.


I dont want to generalizing everything. I only say whats happened the last two or three weeks to many guys. Have a look at Twitch PS4 Gameplays I don´t see that hunters win.


Teamwork is a pain in the ass sometimes. But I’ll have you know, we’re still pretty close to 50/50 with monsters/hunters win ratio according to MacMan’s charts.


Hmm, I win every match with monster. But I dont have fun to play with monster. I like to heal or shield my teammates. And the stuff medics or Support will do.


who has ps4 gameplay as goliath on twitch? i have been looking for that nonestop.


Well, maybe you guys just got outplayed, I’m on ps4 and still win alot as hunter when playing with my team.



just recently too


Sorry you can’t win after they patched their ridiculous damage output but that needed to be done


I wish you werent on PS4, I wanna find a premade to practice against but I cant find anyone on PC -.-


In the last two or three weeks. We lose constantly. My deaths after 70 hours was on 170. Now after further 30 or 40 hours. I stay at 320 I think. Something really changed in the last two weeks. Nothing will bring us the success.

We only win if the monster is really stupid.