After the next patch will kraken be to weak


the kraken has a myriad of problems like stasis doesn’t slow it on the ground but it does snatched him out of the air but being a big trapper player (mostly abe) I’m worried kraken will become an instant and easy win for any slightly competent hunter team the reason being that if you can walk wraith and goliath (if they don’t run traversal attacks) then how does a kraken escape the answer I’m afraid of is they don’t especially if there is a sunny just one trappers worries but please refute these I won’t kraken to be good and challenging while still allowing me to be effective


I thought the way it was supposed to work is that Stasis pulls Kraken down but does NOT slow him down while in the air. So basically, as long as you reapply your levitation, you have the same chances of escaping as everyone else. You’ll just slow down severly if you can’t use your traversals carefully.

But I may be misinformed D:


You are not my kind sir.


you are correctly informed but what I was talking about is when he hits the ground he is not affected at all right now his chances of escaping are higher than some of the fastest monsters


he also runs faster than he flies I think


He also eats hunter teams alive faster than he can digest!


The short answer: no. But he will be more fair/fun/balanced.


I think the changes they would make to the effect stasis has on krakens and his abilities would take a while to get used to, there for causing an immediate effect to his relative ease of use… But once people have mastered the new flight system I’m sure well all go back to discussing how ridiculously OP everybody is



This is what will happen. Then all the mediocre Monster players will come to the forums to hold hands and sing of days passed. I always pick Goliath because he’s my dog.


He’s your DOG???

Geez, I’d hate to ever want to mess with you in real life. A man who can domesticate a man eater surely isn’t one to be trifled with.


The kraken still packs plenty of punch. The workable CC was there before our current patch, so that is ok with me.


I’m afraid that the kraken will just be walked from dome to dome when they fix it just like he was before


On the ground he can stealth pounce you from what feels like 100m away, so i’d say he’ll still have plenty of power. Right now, he’s really hard to beat (and i’m not quick to call anything OP).


Hell if they could just stop the sudden death after shock drop I’d be happy


We was still the top tourny pick before his traversal got changed. Slows were his bane for sure though. I never much liked any of the Kraken abilities that got nerfed as I’ve always been an aftershocker since release. We’ll just have to see in the end if it ever actually comes out. Atleast we’ll have a non unherently broken frame to build off of.