After the fabulous looking Mac Pro, now Alienware has its own case -> Area-51



Can’t wait to see the price tag on that thing.


No comment, because I’m a Mac user.


People were giving it flack on a lot of forums I frequent, but I’m intriuged by the airflow of the case. They’re advertising that you can basically put it right up against a wall and because of the angles, the case can still breathe.


The case is also longer . You can have the same airflow with regular cases by just leaving half a foot between the case and the wall and take up the same footprint. It sounds gimmicky :\ . Although maybe hot air can escape better with the angle since hot air rises and there is less ceiling for it to get trapped. Easier access to the I/O panel and rear ports is nice.

However the rectangular shape will be a huge headache if you were trying to make a custom build and you wanted to make sure the components you buy can fit in the case.