After Stage 2's servers, Legacy's multiplayer



2K gonna 2K.


I’ve submitted a request (was actually nice :+1:) to see what’s happening and let them know it’s across the board.


Probably something to do with the dedicated server shutdown that has caused some issue somewhere and 2k have to fix it. Which unfortunately will take time because its 2k


Day 2, I can hardly recognize myself anymore when I look in the mirror. Minutes feel like hours, hours feel like days. Everything is one big blur now.

I just realized I have been rocking back and forward staring at my screen whispering the same line over and over and over: Server connection failed. Please check your network connection and configuration and try again.


I’m on Xbox and also can’t click on multiplayer. I can handle the no hunt or leaderboards, but I would like to do customs with my friends. There are literally 0 other games I want to spend any time on. I hope 2k fixes this asap.


I only wish I was there recording all of this to show your kids. Farewell sweet prince, his name was rem, he hides among the marsh reeds now speaking to field mouse John Graham. The moon watches their every move and only wishes for Thanos to send his non binary self hurtling towards this example of a man whose spirit lies crushed, his dreams in tatters and his possessions consisting only of scribblings about a business producing mouse kettles.


Have the servers been fixed yet? Or is it true that they actually got shut down?


I was sorely disappointed this last weekend, purchased this game for my friends and I to play at a 26 hour lan event but couldn’t because the game wasn’t updated to allow people to play lan games after they shut down the servers. Lame!!!


It will never have LAN capability I’m afraid. It will always require an internet connection with one person being the host and have a 1ms ping. It would have worked had this issue not arisen. Me and friends have been playing legacy just fine. Hopefully it doesn’t take too much longer


Hey guys, this is absolutely a bug. I’ve reached out to 2K to let them know what you’re seeing.


Are you allowed to show what they said?


Many thanks for this!


As if by magic, the servers are back up!


Yup, 2K just confirmed with me they believe it should be good to go.



Can confirm we are able to play!


How it went behind the scenes:

‘Yeah guys, TRS here. Listen, you pressed the wrong button. It was the green one, not the red one’
‘No, that’s the striped one, the complete green one’
‘Yes that one. Oh it works now? Great.’


The multiplayer is now available, it’s been fixed!

If any mod see this, I suggest to close this thread.