After Stage 2's servers, Legacy's multiplayer



Some people in the Steam forums are having this issue today and I fear it means the multilpayer will no longer be a thing in Evolve.
If this is a permanent issue…then we’d only have solo to play and never will we be able to play together.
When I took this screenshot above, I had the internet available (the optic fiber which means everything is supposed to download/upload fast) but this error keeps popping up whenever I press the multiplayer button.
I closed then relaunched the game, thinking it was the game but it did not solve it.

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Wait, so they’re closing Legacy too? Is there any info on this or is it just a bug?


I hope it’s a bug, but I don’t have enough informations to confirm wether it’s by purpose from 2K or if it’s a bug.
It seems however that this issue has durated more than 9 hours as of now.


No information at all, just checked. 2K has only been talking about the NBA games for the last month on the support Twitter account.


If this is the case then they have gone further than they stated they would. I assume people are contacting support, but it may just be a bit of a bug.


I hope so, and 2K better fix it. If 2K don’t fix it, I’ll say that they left it by purpose.


Getting the same error. 2k specifically stated that we would be able to play Legacy p2p, but without ranked. Even if this is just a bug, will 2k really do anything about it? They closed support. Which is super frustrating because a friend just bought a Monster Race key, just to play Legacy.


This began last night while I was playing Legacy on PC, was able to run a couple games just fine…everyone in the US then started to be unable to connect, including myself. I was able to squeeze into a lobby on invite, but others were not able to do the same…then it seems to have happened across the board. Servers are still down as far as I can tell. I am looking for more information.


Only thing I can suggest now is go send 2K (not TRS) tweets on twitter since you cannot go through support, as it is no longer a game to select to complain about. Inform them that Legacy/Founder servers are down and make it clear it is not Stage 2 servers.


Folks, there are no servers. The game is peer-to-peer now. That message means you lost connection to the host. The host is one of the players.

Best bet to prevent this is to put together premade custom games of five people, each with good networking. Ideally, on the same continent.

Disclaimer, not a network programmer


Yes, there’s no server as well, but why can nobody access multiplayer nor the multiplayer menu? No one knows. We cannot make customs because we get the error message whenever we click the multiplayer button.


Oh. Well, shit. As you were


Surely there has to be some sort of routing server(s) though, for peer to peer? There has to be somewhere that the client can go “Let’s check to see who’s offering a connection” and then join directly to them, peer-to-peer? I might be talking nonsense, but since 2K said that you’d be able to join p2p games by going to the normal, no ranked, multiplayer option there is clearly something here that’s not aligning between expectation and reality…


Yeah, we were playing just fine last night up until 2am UTC, then nobody could do anything. Since Stage 2 servers closed, we’ve all been running customs without issue, and I typically connect to overseas players no problem.


Surely you must be right. I think it’s possible to use Steam services for that, but I don’t know how Evolve did it.

When I responded, I thought the complaint was being dropped from a game. My apologies!


No problem, wasn’t questioning you as much as trying to understand how everything’s being married up. Servers and support being taken down + P2P still working aren’t immediately compatible in my mind! :confused:


Honestly can’t say I’m surprised. I figured that they just took a hammer to the servers

The only bug I see is a lotta damage


Well I’ll be damned…

But then again, 2K takes forever to fix bugs or respond to the community, so there might be some hope


yeah 9 hours doesnt sound like that much for 2k. hopefully a day at most. more than a few days would be a worry admitedly



It’s been like this on PS4 for over 3 days now…