After over 300 ranked hunt matches - I get only one or two points for a win!


Hi guys,
I did a lot of threads already that the reward system of ranked hunt is not that good but now I feel a little bit confused cause the last three days I only get every time one or max. two points. I think its cause I have now over 300 ranked hunt matches.

If I play over my rank I get two points. if I play same or under I get just one point. But losing points now is higher now. Losing against same level monster -5 up to -6 points. I have to win six matches against a same level monster like me that I negate one lose.


Yup. Pretty sure that’s just how it works…

I got demoted recently because even though I win five matches in a row I can lose the sixth and lose points over all. Its impossible for me to gain points now. I lose sometimes close to ten points for a loss against an opponent that is the same rank as me. but if I beat someone higher I get one. Its an impossible system.


Yes but it is really supposed to be like this? Look at other games with Glicko as well there you can lose some matches over your rank and its not the end of the world. And you get more points in other games. Evolve is the only one game which I know what rewards you with one up to two points after a 22 minutes match against same level opponents.



I doubt its supposed to be like that but its what we got…


I’ve got 800 games in, I think the amount of points you lose will iron out.


Haha, if that were only true. I have ~830+ games played. 510 wins or so. I was silver master and lost to a silver elite lost 22 points.
Next few games lost 5-8 pts each game, on mind you same level monsters.

Then got demoted. Lost to a silver master as a silver expert and lost 17pts. Everyone on the team was silver skilled or expert.

This point system is frustrating. Won the next 10 games, got 12 points combined.


When you start hitting Silver Exp+ your point gaining starts to go from 10+ to 1-4 points per game


just enjoy it and enjoy life.