After Match Map Replay


Starting with the After Match Map Replay.
I love it, glad it’s there. I would like more options with it though.

The ability to slow down the pace of the Replay, set it full-screen and select a specific spot to watch right there in the after match downtime would be greatly appreciated. Add in a mouse over text for the icons or a legend would help players understand whats happening on it, though as they gained experience would be unnecessary, so my vote would be an option that can be turned off/on as needed.

Also, an option for saving the map replay separately would be interesting for the Youtubers out there.


If nothing else, the ability to save/export would be great. If that is allowed, the ability to pause, rewind, fast forward. Those are the big things I would love to see.


Wouldn’t mind more features added to it! It’s very creative IMO I love it.


very creative? quake3 had such feature already, counter strike too. not to forget all important rts games had it.

allow to save replay and watch it later is enough for after match downtime.
would like to see replay database to get replays from and study how other peoples play. search in this database for specific hunter combination vs specific monster on specific map and then fast forward, rewind, switch cameras to see what every player saw… stuff like that…


Seems like a no-brainer to be able to save the replays. The time it’s available to view is too short!