After Hours With Afius! Stream XB1


I’d like to announce to the forum community that i’ll be streaming Evolve. It’ll be pubs/premade/with stream whatever happens :blush:. It will be awesome for you guys and gals to pop in and check it out.
Follow, like and what not. You can watch this thread i’ll post when i start and end the streams to help keep updates for you.

Stream usually starts around 9pm central USA


Forgot channel link XD


I think he’ll post that when he begins.


Sorry yeah


Streaming now


Ended stream. thanks to everyone who stopped by. Any tips to better the stream experience is welcomed.


Starting stream. Going to contribute to challenge woo hoo. Link is in OP


Stream starting in 10 Caira and Abe skins here we come


I might hop on and help you out :wink:


Darn twitch messing up :flushed:


Have you gotten your Abe and Ciara skins yet?


Yeah i got them on tuesday


Nice. I only had time to turn the game on and connect to the servers. I didn’t have time to play a match, but we’ll see if I got them. I’m not home yet and haven’t seen and talk about whether people have or haven’t gotten them…


Hopefully the union jack is beast


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