After Game Bugs


i noticed some bugs when the game just finished and continues into the after game screen

if you press T while the game ends, i think that activates the view to see who is who and displays their names, you keep that screen until you start your next game i think its easy reproducabel because it happens every time if i accidently do that

and if you use right when the game ends your push to talk gets stuck and in the aftermatch screen your mic is constantly on what is pretty anoying too, but it can be kinda get fixed emidatly when you doubel tab the talk key

a lot of stuff gets stuck when the game ends and you go into after match screen you guys should look into that what causes that


@DamJess i was adivced to ask you for info if these bugs got noticed and who’s concern they are. i m just curius how they work and how they came there