After all the nerfs are done, Monsters will be like:




Behemoth: (After they buff him then nerf him later)

P.s this is a joke xD


As far as I know… Kraken is the only monster that is going to get nerfed. Behemoth is gonna get his roll-attack exploit fixed but I don’t think that counts as a nerf.

That said… those pictures are real cute though.

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Haha yeah, Was just joking about how nerfs seem to be monster sided or how people think monsters are OP xD


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lol! I thought you were that rock

What is that black animal? Is it real or completely fake? It looks like it could be an actual thing

… That’s a bat. :laughing:


Whaaaat? No way

Edit: Holy shit I had no idea they looked this cute when all cuddled up.

get off the internet ^^

Lol I could imagine caira squeezing wraith like that bat because she wants to experiment on her :laughing:


I like you. ^.^

These were cute, and pretty well though out.

Now I want a Wraith I can hold, and cuddle. Damn it all!

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I like you too :smiley: haha and Thanks :slight_smile: i want a pet Goliath that is toy sized and can evolve xD

I want my teleporting Wraith, that can make decoys, and abduct mice to eat or something. We already have a snake, a mini Wraith wouldn’t be so bad.

Bats = Ebola.

No thank you.

I’d want a pet Behemoth but with him being so slow he might not be able to play fetch xD

I always want pets i can’t have :frowning:

Yup, nice to imagine though. ^.^

I had a sort of pet bat for a few months. My dad stepped on it and hurt it. I nursed it back to health and set it free afterwards. Was pretty cool. Wish I could of kept it but that would just be cruel to the poor thing. He was a little baby when we found him. Bottle fed until it was time to set him loose and he soared through the sky into the night.

That is cool. I simply had no idea how a bat looks like without their wings so to speak. It is really adorable haha

I… am cute? Outrageous!