After a Characters Release, the "New" Category Blows Up!


After a new characters release the “New” threads blow up, meaning 1 hour= 30 new Threads. But after a day or two it lowers to 1 hour=1-2 New Threads.

I am always literally waiting in the middle of the day for new threads to come out and help someone out, respond to someone, and solve someone’s problem.

This makes me a bit depressed about the forums sometimes, because a few times a day I just show up to chat up storm about how awesome Torvald is, but then there are no new threads!

I miss when the Forums were so busy and 10 threads were made within minutes of each other.


I try and make threads. But try usually get locked because there is a thread with the same likeness. Usually not by much, but it gets locked down


I understand, sometimes I just wish there were more “Random” threads that were made. Keeps me busy.


Well Torvald get a life

And play some ranked with me, dammit, so sick of these quickplay scrubs!!!


Maybe you should invite me and tell me why you are inviting me next time so that I don’t have to always play RB6S!!!


Why wouldn’t you be playing R6 though?


I need a break from it lol


This has happened on every forum I’ve ever followed. After a while it feels like it’s all been said and done before. I see new random threads made that are total duplicates of threads we’ve had before.

At least the forums still blow up when something new happens. If that stops, I’d worry.


No you don’t. It’s perfect.


I need a break from it to play Evolve.


Those were my days as a rookie leader. Hoooo boy. All the way back in March…


Gtfo troll.




I remember when this happened, I used to go and just read when I barely had time to post.


I have seen literally the same shit appear on the Chivalry, Far Cry, Rayman and various indie games’ forums I used to visit regularly.


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