After 80 hours of game play and streaming here is my current state of affairs for Evolve (PC)


Hello everyone, my name is VividPsychosis and I am a Twitch streamer. After playing the game for 80 hours since release and streaming daily here are my current state of affairs with Evolve. 2k/Evolve if you are listening, this is an honest opinion about the issues of the game. (You will be happy to know, none of them have to do with balance of the Monsters) Good job on that front!

  • The game is beautiful. The models, the environment. Just stunning. I can run this game in 4k and let me tell you it is lovely to watch.

This brings me to my first issue. The lack of a UI scaling option in PC is severely hurting this game for high end Gamers. People playing in 1440p and 4k are those are losing out on enjoyment in this game due to this option being unavailable. I simply ask you this. Have you ever played your own game at 4k resolution on a 28 inch computer gaming monitor?

UI scaling needs to be added because dialog and UI is TINY, completely unusable and frankly, as someone with a top end gaming PC. It saddens me that while I cannot stream in 4k, I also cannot bother to play this game in 4k resolution at all right now. The UI needs to be scaleable up to ATLEAST 4x size to keep the dimensions equal to 1080. Then again, let us go bigger!

I would enjoy having a larger aiming reticle even at 1080p. Thing is tiny, perhaps I am blind but even still, the option for UI scaling should be available.

** Continuing on with aesthetics: The skins. The positive: Price point. You nailed it. They are fair. Some games go overboard on this point. I feel like the Bog monsters for example is totally worth the price.

On the other hand, the issue is the skins for the Hunters show the dev teams total lack of imagination and sense of pride in completion. They leave something to be desired. Skins for Hunters MUST atleast change the look (color) of the outfits that the Hunters are wearing. Skins hould not only change the color of the guns and weapons but coordinate the purchased and mastery skins with the clothing being worn. When I unlocked Mastery of Parnell my Armor should be blue with a white stripe to match my new elite skin rocket launcher. I do not expect to remodel the entire Hunter and change the outfit completely, but the skin should include changes to the outfits color to match the weaponry of each Hunter. By this, I do NOT mean to change the color of the classes, as this is essential to in-game identification for Hunters and Monster alike.

*** Colorblindness: There is a portion of gamers with colorblindness. Also for ease of differentiation between classes for hunters and monsters alike, adding an icon next to the names or the health bar would be great to have to indicate which class it is during combat. Not everyone can see the color difference and it becomes an unfair advantage to those that are not colorblind. To even this out a simple solution would be to make the playing field even for everyone by adding icons to indicate class.

**** Mini Map turned on, Health bars and names turned off. There is simply no reason for this. Having my minimap on should not remove my ability to see my teammates health or names. This hinders all players and serves no in game function. Having the minimap on should NOT remove your ability to see your teammates names and healthbars.

***** Cursor Fix: This has already been touched on by many many people but I will just restate it because it is so important. Having the mouse cursor show in game with the reticle is super annoying especially when trying to aim. I understand there is a way to shift tab a million times to fix this but it needs to be addressed because that is NOT the solution.

****** Monsters getting stuck in buildings. During my stream I have recorded a few funny games to say the least. I am not a programmer so I do not understand how this happens but in multiple games (usually hunt) The monster will become lodged inside of a building and unable to move. He usually gets blown apart until the match is over. Clearly a bug, needs to be addressed.

****** Matchmaking: Many people on the forum have spoken about this so I will keep this brief. My issue with matchmaking after 80 hours of game play is simply this. The matchmaking must go deeper than to match people by level. I have Mastery with Parnell and have played the Hunters for most of those 80 hours. I am now at a point where I CANNOT play the Monster unless it is against the AI because I am only around a level 10 with the Monster. I have perhaps 5 wins as the Monster and yet each time I load up a game I am put against all lvl 35 to 40 players with Mastery in their respective Hunters. Needless to say, I have no chance and end up losing in the first 5 minutes.

Just because a player excels at 1 perspective of the game doesnt mean that he or she is good with both monster and hunter alike. Please address this in the best way possible. I personally thank you for this.

******* Parnell issue: While engaging Super Soldier with the shotgun engaged. There is a period of time that you cannot fire. This is perhaps a 1/2 to 1 full second. Obviously this wastes your super soldier and I do not believe this was put in the game intentionally as the Rocket Launcher does not suffer from this same problem. Having this smoothed out would be greatly appreciated.

********* Rankings: So simplistic that it shows 0 relation to skill. Perhaps, categories like total dmg per each weapon, total revives, total amount healed, # of times tagged etc, could be added. If anything the WLR is the best category used right now.

Having a ranking system that is based solely on Wins is just plain archaic. For the sake of arguement though, even if you did not add any of the meaningful categories to each Hunter there is still 0 reason that someone with 100 wins and 500 losses should be ranked above someone with 80 wins and 3 losses.

In conclusion…

Evolve Dev Team, overall I want to congratulate you on an amazing, innovation, beautiful game. While all things in life are a constant struggle to improve. This game, while not perfect, has brought many hours of joy. I enjoy streaming this game for the masses (or lack thereof, please visit, watch and FOLLOW! <3) and I feel that you all should be extremely proud of what you have done for the gaming community at large. I thank you!

Please feel free community to add you own comments or concerns. Whether you agree with this or disagree will not hurt my feelings. We are all posting of this forum to improve the game. I hope that this state of affairs resonate with many of my fellow gamers and I hope that the Evolve Dev team and 2k is listening so that we can continue to enjoy one of the best releases to come out all year!

Once again, I am VividPsychosis this was my current state of the game. If you would like to join me for fun, chatting, community and entertainment, my stream is Twitch.Tv/VividPsychosis. I am live every night from 8pm to 3am EST. If you would like to have fun playing the game together add me at VividPsychosis on Steam. If you decide to join the Mad House Gaming Community please hit the follow button and feel free to talk away in chat. I love having conversations with my viewers.


I disagree with this, I like that the colour scheme is constant for the classes, it really helps in those visual clues as to who’s around and what’s going on.

Nice write up though :smile:


100% agree with this. Your overall level should be divorced from your class level. You should be matched up against people based on your level with whichever character you put as your priority and/or whichever class wind up playing as


I agree with the outfits changing but not color-wise.


Yup, the main colour should remain the same for gameplay clarity, which primes over everything, but it doesn’t prevent skins from being a little different other than the weapon color.


I do not feel that adding matching colors to the skins would hurt you naiaccurshi. I do NOT recommend changing the outfits or the models at all as this is essential to determining who you are matched up against and is needed for easy detection while in game as the Monster and for your own team. Only simply coordinating the skin color changes to go a long with the weapon color changes in each skin. Thank you for the support on my review!


Val Tranquilizer has the same problem that Parnell has with his shotgun (not being able to fire for a while when you switch to it). It seems like the length of time is similar to the reload time, so maybe the weapon reloads again for some silly reason without showing the animation?


Nice write up!

Changing the colour of classes, bad idea, outfits yes, colours of class no.

As for the 1440p and 4k issue… a issue that will be low priority for developers as the number of people running the game like that is very small.

It would be interesting to see the numbers on this though, but I would assume majority is 1080p or below (myself being just over 1080p)… but hey I could be totally wrong.


Perhaps I am giving the wrong impression in my writeup. I do NOT believe change in class color is needed. Simply color of the outfits. I DO NOT wish for there to be changes in class color as this is essential for game play. I will attempt to correct this impression in my write up. Thank you!


I said it in another post, but there are tons of ways to bring variety to skins without changing the main color scheme or global appearance of the class.

What hunters of a same class have in common :

  • Colour code
  • General bulk
  • Jetpack shape (thing about the small wings on medic jetpack, so easily recognizable)

That said, you can add vanity stuff such as :

  • Warpaints
  • Military decorations
  • Scars
  • Trophies
  • Additional gear (satchel/ammo belt/survival knife)
  • …

These will not change the skin’s outline but will provide a more unique feel to the skins themselve.


Each characters outfit is coloured to match the class colour, most notable I think in support being yellow and assault being red.

Parnell, Markov and Hyde are red because they are assault, if they could pick a blue skin, they don’t fit the class colour scheme anymore.


These would be about as noticeable, or less so, than the current weapon skins.


In my experience, the color in the name or the look of the character overall (like the wings on val) is what most people I know use to identify which class you are zeroing in on as the Monster, not the color of the outfit.


… and abilities being used


Doesn’t change the fact they designed the hunters to match the class colour.

Also, side note, but being colourblind I can’t even tell the names are different colours, I wish they were more explicit, or a class logo was shown too. The outline and colour of the character is of more indication to me than the names.


This is interesting and I completely agree. This is what I would like to see done.


Ah, something for colorblindness would also be a good addition to the game as well. Perhaps an icon next to the names of the Hunters while in game to clearly mark designations would be a great addition for Hunters, Monsters alike with colorblindness.


They would be noticeable in the ship before dropping and when close to your teammates without impacting gameplay in any way. That would be one step forward.


My thoughts as well.


I’ve got dozens of videos on my youtube channel as we’ll and was well on track to fall in love with evolve (UNTIL THEY RESET MY STATS to 0!!!)

Didn’t see you mention that in your nice write up. Just because int hasn’t happened to you doesn’t mean you should speak up about it. Let TRS know youre not happy with people having their high level accounts reset for no reason.