AFK'ers and leavers


Hi, my name is Wooosh.

I really love Evolve and am a founder on the new Stage 2. I like how they made it F2P because of the lack of people it had before, but man there are some issues i have with bots and people who leave / AFK.

First of all: The bot has really poor AI and i have had only one game where he did something, shoot the monster once… He doesn’t follow you and doesn’t go after the monster either (thats the experience i had with bots in my team).

Second of all: The AFK’ers / people who leave are through the roof (atleast in my expierence again). I get annoyed by the fact my Medic leaves or goes AFK the bot likes to run the opposite way you are running.

Well, that was all i get annoyed by in this game so far, i hope the devs can give a penalty to those who leave / AFK and fix the retarded AI. I really anjoy it and its new community so far!


To probably solve the problem of leavers/afkers is to penalize your amount of silver keys you can earn through matches for a certain period like on overwatch but with xp points.


I still think they should limit afks to 2-3min before kicking


that’s already too long after they rebalanced the game pace. 30 seconds at most


I would have to see it implemented first maybe 1mun because you’re right the new way 2-3 minutes is 1/6 of match. 30 seconds seems too short though.


it’s because in 2-3 minutes, a monster can easily evolve.
1 minute and you can miss some good domes
30/45 seconds i think is the perfect timing


I’ve been having some problems were my PC shuts down due to the PSU (overheating), and when I get back to the game I have no option to rejoin the lobby and I get a penalty (time) until I can get into another match and a straight lose.

That is extremely unfair, not everyone is leaving by option, I always stay to the end even if we’re losing. The fact matches don’t last more than 5/10 min. makes it hard to rejoin (even if the option was there), so I would be getting penalties for something I have no control off.


Yeah i agree with 45sec more than 30 because during the match I can understand the 30. but say you leave to do something quick during loading times 30 seconds not a lot of time. Then again i’m just speculating so 30 seconds may be the perfect amount of time but without it being implemented I can’t say.


Consider that if you have to do something during the loading times (approx 30 seconds?) plus dropship convos (45seconds) you have more than 1 minute and if you add the afk timing (45 seconds) you have 2 minutes


Yep because anything longer it would affect the outcome of the game too much. 45sec seems like just enough time.


I think 30 secons is too short, you can always have any unexpected “urgency” like a phone call or someone knocking your door. I would say at least 1 minute.


30 secs afk is enough to miss the first dome, and the monster can get a free stage 2. Afkers should be kicked 10 secs after they drop. Evolve is very time pressured. If you are afk even 30 secs your team is at a huge disadvantage.


What if you need to pee?


Can you go to the bathroom and back in 30 secs? That’s really pushing it.

But yes, that’s a good point. I would say don’t be strict on timing in casual play but in ranked 10 secs afk should be an instant boot.


I took a shower once between rounds. there is enough time to do stuff during matches


Are you a ninja?


No, I went to the bathroom after the match, so 1 minute for that, without knowing that you auto queue into a match again. When I came back, the lobby went into picking Character