Aegis™-brand spoofs brings you... the Evolve Beta!


First of all, THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL artwork. I’m just regurgitating the same info that was already made public, so I’m hoping the folks at TRS don’t find this spoof problematic (if so, feel free to give her a yoink)

XB1 Open Beta (15th Jan) //// PC/PS4 Technical Test (16th/17th Jan) to
XB1 Open Beta (15th Jan) //// PC/PS4 Technical Test (16th/17th Jan) to

Ask for royaltys :smiley:


It was SO hard not to put some kinda spoof in there. I really wanted to give the Savage Goliath a gold tooth, but introducing another color palette into the comp? Meh… Meh I say! MEH!!!


I like the red and blue color scheme. Looks pretty official. PS4 beta starts on the 17th actually.


The power of complementary colors :blush: Thanks.


That is excelent! Great job, it has all the potencial to be used by 2K.


Was a quick 2 hr job in Photoshop. Let’s see, if I were to be compensated the average Digital Artist’s salary for 2 hours of work, minus the taxes… carry the 1… I’d get $2.32 USD.

Then the lawsuit for using logos I didn’t have express written consent (I felt implied inaudible consent was good enough), minus lawyer fees… carry the 0… I’d be in the hole 4.3M USD.


Oh sh[radio edit]!


wow. I’ve glanced at the picture before and wondered what the heck cabot was looking at. I just looked at it closer and realized the wraith used decoy. Mind. Blown.