Advice on YouTube channel creation?


So, I started off making my channel an art channel. However, over time, I’m not much into ‘drawing’ or ‘photoshopping’ pictures as much. I’m truly a writer and you can’t really record writing, can you? But anyway, I was thinking of turning it more into a game-esc channel. Tips and tricks, information, and maybe a Let’s Play.

Like I want to do tutorials for, say, how to arrange stuff in Skyrim, make a god-like creature in Spore, play different Evolve characters, or the like. Also tips for how to complete Nest, Rescue, and Defend, find all of the dragon nests in Skyrim, create a Spore character with 2,500+ DNA points, etc. Maybe a Let’s Play of Evolve/Spore. Might even dust off Terraria.

But anyway, I need some advice on how to make it. I mean, I know the base recording, structure, etc. but it’s extremely difficult to learn how to speak. I’m fairly good at talking in Evolve because that is something I’m actualyl good at doing. Haha So, ah, anyone know anything about doing that sort of stuff?


I do no commentary, but I could help you with content creation.
As for the commentary, I think @MaddCow could help you with that same with @GrizzleMarine


You do spore, and you got yourself a sub.




I’ve played WAY too much Spore. ;-; My second character has 2500 DNA points because I committed mass genocide. o.O

I played Terraria up until a little after the WoF thing. Then I had to leave it alone for school. But I’m resurrecting her! <3 I still have a bunch of my old potions, farming, and special items memorized. Haha


Are you funny?


I guess so? -I’m not super serious, but I know what to do and stuff-


Can you annunciate your words better than that kid from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?


Yes. I can talk very clearly.


Then commentary shouldn’t be a problem. The main goal is attracting an audience so you’re not stuck with only 2 subscribers you met off Turtle Rock Forums. I’d suggest starting a gaming blog off of IGN and gaining a fan base there before you invest into YouTube. You know, looking into what the audience you’re trying to attract wants to know and all that jazz. Gotta build up the foundation first.


OK. I’ve been an avid of fan of Let’s Players and thought about what they did. I stalk these forums and YouTube and such, but I didn’t think about that. Thanks!


It’s a funny coincidence. I’ve had a few friends telling me to make my own gaming channel for a while now, but I only started considering it about a week ago, and I have been working on a fan-fiction of my own for about two years now. Anyway, I just wanted to wish you good luck with anything you pursue, whether it’s writing or gaming, or something else entirely. Please don’t ever give up on what you love.


Ugh I remember Spore. I played it when it first came out and once I hit the Space Stage I was instantly hooked.

Ah the good ol days ;w;


One of my favorite games… but every time I saved and then loaded it back up it said it was a corrupt save. DX


Blah. I can feel you. My game crashes almost every time I die (at least in creature stage). So I have to save before every confrontation- even the friendly ones. You never know when some aggressive predator (or, God forbid, an epic) decides to pop over to you and slaughter everyone, ruining your chances of befriending an entire species.

I lost so much every time I forgot to save. ;-;


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