Advice on ranking up


Never posted before but wanted advice with the new ranking system. I don’t want to come across like I’m an amazing player stuck in bronze and always blaming my team as I’m just an alright player, but in bronze people seem to make a lot to silly mistakes that cost games.

I usually play trapper and am in top 1k with all trappers (not sure if that’s all that good or not) but after a break from the game I am having trouble winning with the ranked system. After placement matches I was in silver and after a few losses in a row I am in bronze and can’t seem to win games. Not wanting to blame other team mates but just came from a game where I domed a lvl 1 monster 3 times and the rest of my team got downed in the 3rd dome without having gone through the monsters armor. This kind of thing seems to happen more often than it used to with the old game modes.

Anyone got any advice on what I can do to rank up or do I just belong in bronze?

Anything helpful would be appreciated!


Your team died to a stage 1 Monster that managed to get himself domed 3 times?

Either there’s something seriously wrong with your domes (doming the Monster while your teammates are far off, perhaps?) or Bronze is truly as awful as people claim.

The only thing you can really do is add the few people that do a decent job as a friend and then form a party.


Try and find some people to play with, do some quickplay and when you find people you gel with try to add them to your friends list or whatever and organise to hunt together :smiley:


One of the biggest tips I can give you is to play in a premade group. Being able to reliably communicate with your team is a massive help.

With that said, hunt 2.0 is just a means to put you with people of your own skill level. At some point you will find the level you are at and hover around that rank. Try not to worry about your rank and just focus on having fun. :wink:

Also, welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling:

You might want to give this thread a read to familiarise yourself with what’s what around here.


Thanks for the advice guys, I’ll try to find some regular people to play with. I used to play on ps4 with friends which worked well but I moved to pc and have been playing solo.

Thanks for the quick and helpful replies!

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