Advice on Nvidia cards compatibility with a Freesync monitor

Hi everyone.

So I ordered a new PC that is to arrive very soon, however it has a Nvidia GPU and was wondering how this will play out with my 144Hz Freesync monitor.

For example, can I still game at 144Hz without Freesync enabled?

Curious to hear of people who have a card and monitor and if they have any issues. I know Nvidia recently released support for Freesync monitors so at least that’s positive.

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Yeah, you don’t need to have Freesync enabled to game at 144Hz! Just make sure your monitor is set to 144hz and then you should be good to go.The only difference is that your screen’s refresh rate won’t be locked to your FPS, which is very nice, but not an end-all. Nvidia is expanding their support of Gsync monitors, but I don’t know if that applies retroactively or not.

For anyone reading this that doesn’t know, Freesync and Gsync work the same as V-Sync options do, where they lock the framerate of a game to the refresh rate of the monitor (so you don’t get split frames), except it operates on a hardware level directly between the GPU and the monitor, which allows for much higher quality frame-locking.


Thank you for the answer. I’ll have to check once I get home if my monitor is g-sync compatible or not :slight_smile:

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