Advice on Lazarus vs Kraken


So in anticipation of this weekends challenge, any specific thoughts or strategies on how Laz could possibly overcome the Kraken? I’m not a huge Laz player, but I’m going to give him a go just because he’s the underdog; however, I’m at a bit of a loss as to how a Laz team could take out a competent kraken.
What perks do people usually run on Laz? Any advice on how to best maneuver in combat?


Play with a coordinated team, XD


Laz takes Reload Speed, the rest of the team takes Health Regen. Fight preferably on a rocky map so you can get the Megamouth perk if it spawns. This will decrease your class special cool down by quite a bit.


Is this taking into account the current problems with reload speed?


Don’t take reload speed as of now, it’ll increase the cool down on heal burst,cloak, and the Lazarus device.


damn really? That sounds like a pretty fatal bug…


You have no idea…It also affects the megamouth buff i believe, cant confirm


Yup, as far as I am aware it affects all electronic devices. It does speed up reload on his rifle though… Yay?


Don’t rush in their kid.
Let the guy die if you need to. Just don’t die as Laz.
1 strike for constant punishment is a good trade for the hunters. Just keep the assault alive and out of danger until needed.
Also, no Torvold. Parnell or Hyde (most usually Hyde) are the best for the job.


It only increases burst cool down.


Yes, it is. The health regen sort of counteracts it. Plus, Laz’s job isn’t to heal, it’s to res. Of course, healing is always nice too.


It only affects class cooldowns so dome personal shield cloak and heal burst. It works fine for everything else.


Advice for my fellow Lazarus men, do not rush in, hang back and make the monster paranoid. Do not continually shoot the monster, let your team do it and only pop off shots when the monster tries to eat. In short, give them nothing, BUT TAKE FROM THEM, EVERYTHING!


As Laz stay the fuck out of any fights. Even wait outside domes if necessary. Let your team punish any monster who goes down. Sadly as laz it’s not really up to you but up to your team to punish the monster and stop him eating the corpse.


Ah, gotcha, my bad.


No, my friend.
Let the Kraken flow through you…


I will try very hard to get this for Lazarus. He was my favorite hunter when the game first released and is still in my top 3. I would like a new skin for him.


There is none, a fast majority of games will be played by randoms,

There is NO chance for laz to win this.


well… don’t be disappointed but there is no chance for getting this laz skin sadly. i will not even play laz as medic this weekend, it is just ridicoulus.


As much as I’d like it, the chances of Laz winning vs Kraken are slim.