Advice on getting Sunny's 3rd shield drone and Slim's 2nd tier spore cloud mastery?


I am having trouble with Sunny’s 3rd tier shiled drone mastery and so far only got 12 of them done. How do we get this?

Slim’s 2nd spore cloud, this one is unforgiving. Stuck at 2 since released. How do we get pass this?


The “easy” way for Sunny’s shield is go custom defend and then literally stay in front of the minions with shield nearby and repeat! Also helps if you set to balance or favours monsters as they do more damage :smile: Hope that helps :sunny:



thats how i did it

and u can also get the 3rd jetpack booster while doing this


Just elited Slim 2 days ago. Tier 2 spore cloud- defend against behemoth with the lowest damage team you can manage. perk- reload speed. Spam spore cloud everywhere and shoot in front of the behemoth, and you’ll get it eventually. Tier 3 is even worse.


Some people don’t like to cheat to get it… But it’s near impossible to do it the correct way.


Yeah just do some evac. You dont have to cheat. Just make sure you get support on the defend one. Ive been doing that to get sunnys third tier. Got 30 direct hits against kraken and got 1 for the sheild drown on the last defend.


You mean Drone, and not Drown right? O.o