Advice on dealin with Caira, Hank, Crow combo? Please?


Ok, i really, REALLY hate this combo The moment Crow sends out Gobi, I cant hide anywhere to evolve. When they find me, the moment i try to attack Caira, all she has to do is pop her speed boost to stay out of my way, or Hank shields her. If i try to attack Hank, medic stops to heal him. If I go for either trapper or assualt, take your pick of defence. What do i do, seriously?


Would you rather face Caira, Sunny, Maggie and get domed in less than a minute?

Just sneak a lot, Gobi isn’t fantastic at finding a monster. Crow needs to know what direction a monster is in to find him anyways. Stage up and play smart. Probably focus Caira and after she accelerates focus on hank. Use whatever you can to keep assault off you. I.E. rock throw, vortex, rock wall.


As a stage one you have no hope to beat them or get downs. Almost always try to reach stage 2 full armor before going in to get strikes. Max your big hitting ability to three and switch between hank and caira rapidly. Try and split them when you can. Caira can’t heal herself and Hank faster then you can switch on them and Hank can’t shield himself. Force them to keep switching focus and position. That has always been my golden strategy against Hank and Caira.


I’ve yet to figure out this myself either.

Most of the threads I read that try to counter my points about Crow being OP state that you need to maximize your distance from his ASAP, and as frequently as possible. That means traversal bonus most likely.

My second suggestion is: pick your fights near dangerous prey. give it a poke on your way through, try to pull them in towards it, and start the fight. Hopefully it will “down” or at least begin to consume one of the hunters.

My third suggestion: Go for strikes, not kills. Healing grenades can’t heal strikes. A lot of monster players are believing that you need to use combinations of abilities to alpha strike players into oblivion FAST. then streak away into the darkness.

You can check through the forums for good combos. I don’t know them all, and it’s probably why I suck as a monster and choose not to play right now.

Load in: Choose monster of choice. Pick bonus traversal regen for greater long distance speed.
Game Start: Popular move to RUSH to the far side of the map, stopping only to eat.
Rush to stage 2. Be aware that when you hear the beeping and your monster gets silhouetted by a green aura: You are seen by Gobi… Time to run… if you weren’t already.

Stage 2: Same deal… run, traversal, feed, fight for strikes.

Stage 3: Suggestion to find buffs to recover your health, and then improve your damage before attacking.

Vs. Crow… nothing I can suggest. I think he’s stupid OP. Don’t get slowed by him, zig-zag and circle around constantly. don’t go in a straight line for long.

Vs. Hank: Try to remove him from the party. Rush/charge, abduct, can do this. Focus fire on him with all your might for the KD.

P.S. Be aware that if you KD a hunter… you can abduct his body! good luck getting his corpse now Lazerous!

Vs. Caira: Normally I like to nom her first… but with Hank, it’s kinda hard. So I choose her second. If she tries using her speed boost to flee from you, try to get her as separated from the party as possible, traversal and pounce on her. Or rush her into a wall… etc. etc.

I know this is all situational, and it’s a really hard thing to suggest. This team is a nasty combo for survivability… I haven’t found a good solution. Please let me know if you do.


I’ve dealt with that combo before, easy enough. And i’ve tried that tactic before. I would guess most logically they also have speed perks. I should point out most recently this was an actual co ordinated team.


Pick feed speed and stage up 2 ASAP, if you’re caught at stage 1 vs that combo as any monster you will get destroyed in the first dome and you will not be able to get strikes.

Get stage 2 and try get an elite buff, damage increase or cooldown reduction is the best. When it comes to fighting, go hard on Hank until he cloaks, once he cloaks focus Ciara and force him to shield her, when he does go back to Hank, once his cloak is down focus on Hank. You can muscle through Ciara healing on Hank but you can’t muscle through Hank shield plus Ciara healing herself, plus you run the risk of getting orbital dropped if you aren’t pressuring Hank.

Try to keep distance from the assault during the fight, use abilities to keep him away if you have to.


You don’t need to hide to evolve, you just need to be further than ~15s away from the hunters.


Caira and Hank can be really annoying if they’re pillar humping, just try to focus on Hank first whenever you can.

Caira will not be able to keep up with burst damage if you keep them apart (Vortex, Charge/leap smash, abduct, rockwall/lava bomb) and spread the damage between the two as Hank unlike Sunny cannot shield teammates do rekt the monster at the same time.

If Hank cloaks, go after Caira. He will either be force to break cloak to shield or you can continue pounding Caira to prevent heals. Again try your best to push her away from pillar humping zones or else she will just run around it while you chase her silly.

Just be glad they don’t have Sunny. When you see how Hank’s shield work, you will really understand why Sunny’s shields and her overall kit is OP.

Crow’s niche is to prevent the monster from juking the hunters, I really haven’t figured out how to counter him yet. For now I just try to sneak early game until I hit stage 2 or they find which they will 99% of the team if they have Sunny. But since the team has Hank, Crow should be very easy to kill in a dome.

As for evolving you don’t actually have to hide from the hunters. Just get as far way from them, start counting to 5 or 8 after they leave your smell range and then evolve anywhere you’d like. Just careful about evolving in the open with Hank and Torvald on the hunter team.