Advice on countering cliff abuse?


So I just had a game with Meteor where the only reason I lost was because of severe cliff abuse I couldn’t seem to counter. It seems no matter what I did, I just couldn’t get the kill on Lazarus.

For the whole story I had a bad first dome engagement, but all engagements after that were in my favour as I’d down/kill Lazarus and get strikes on the other hunters. Once I hit Stage 3 was where it all changed… I believe the map is Distillery? The one with the relay inside the building with the huge cliff structure outside of it. Lazarus would camp on top of the cliff, and so if I didn’t prioritize him he’d just peg me with his marking rifle from a distance and revive anyone I killed (They had loads of shield too so had a lot of hp to chunk through even with all 4 hunters at 2 strikes). However, whenever I tried to engage Lazarus he’d just fly off the cliff, and either land back on it if I had tried to knock him to the ground below, or go down to the bottom of the cliff and jetpack back up as soon as I jump down myself. Using charge to knock him off the ledge would have him engage jetpack in freefall well above the range my attacks could reach, and he’d just go back to his cliff spot. The moment I tried to alleviate dps pressure the Lazarus would resume pegging me with his sniper. As I still had 3 minutes on the clock I must have reset the fight at least 4-5 times to get armour back, as I was down to 2 bars at this point.

Basically any attempt to get Lazarus off the cliff would result in him climbing back up it before my attack, jump, and landing animation would finish, so rock throws didn’t work too well as he’d be able to LoS it by the time I whipped it out. I’d try to engage him on the cliff too, but he’d still just drop down and jetpack abuse the cliff.

I know I didn’t handle the stage 3 fight as optimally as I should have, I had killed Lazarus earlier at the start of stage 3 and decided to make a retreat to armour up as wasn’t comfortable with the hp I had left to take down the remaining hunters.

I get that I was outplayed, I get that I won’t win every match I have, I just feel cheated that I lost what would have been a legitimately hard fought win had it not been for this cliff abuse.


It’s not cliff “abuse.” It’s a legit strat. You talk about the hunter jetpacking up as soon as you dropped down. I can tell you now that you were dropped down wrong. You walked off the cliff facing forwards. You need to walk off facing backwards and you will be able to attack him in the air. Air attacks would stun and knock the hunter back then you can finish them off. Also, if you fall off the cliff facing backwards, you will be able to initiate climb mid-fall so you can easily chase him back up.

This was not “abuse” you simply got outplayed. You didn’t get cheated because you didn’t know how to counter it. Now you know.

Obviously there are other simpler ways to counter this. Throw a rock at the hunter above, even if it doesn’t hit cleanly, it will knock him back, so you can go up and attack them. This also works with leap smash, which has a very large hitbox. You just need to hit the cliff side and it will knock them back. But of course the hunter can jetpack up to avoid the knockback effect. However this works in your favor. If you keep focusing, he will lose jetpack and will finally be ready to kill. Remember that jetpack doesn’t recharge when cliff climbing, so eventually he can’t dodge anymore and you can get him. During this time you will need to tank some big DPS and that’s how the game works.

PS. Thanks for not making a thread crying about nerfing what you found difficult to counter.


while for all intents and purposes you are giving plenty of facts at him, i think you should try toning it back for either newcomers/inexperienced players. he even said himself that he got out played, no sense salting the wound… your tips are good and everything you said is totally accurate, just more of a friendly tip going forward maybe :slight_smile:

in flux of new people they willl have these questions and @OP im glad this post was phrased the way it was, definitely a sign of you actually wanting to get better rather than crying like a lot of people who are too lazy to learn the game act


I know I was outplayed, I admitted it at the end of my post, it was just a supremely frustrating experience to know that I could have won the match but lost due to the circumstance of this particular cliff. Most cliff fights I’ve had before now are much smaller rock forms and plateaus, so I’d be able to smack the hunters even from the ground or toss stuff at them from above.

I didn’t know about the falling backwards trick. Some of the stuff I was attempting to do was charge off the cliff and hope I’d be able to land and throw another attack at Lazarus before he got away, but whereas that tactic works for much smaller cliff heights, the extreme height of this one allowed him to jetpack midfall and therefore thwart some of my combos.

I’ve also found leap smashing cliffs to be very finicky, the majority of the time Goliath seems to be doing the leaping animation against the cliffside as I slowly fall back down to the ground or glide along the cliff face, so I started purposely avoiding leap smashing cliffs when possible.

Perhaps I tunnel visioned too much on trying to cc Lazarus rather than actually try to smack him down.


It’s worth noting that while I may be new to the game, I’ve had the game on my steam wishlist for awhile and watched a number of videos of Legacy Evolve awhile back, so I came into the game with existing knowledge and strategies. It’s also worth noting this game ended a 13 game streak I was on, so yes additional salt on that wound too. Was bound to end eventually, just not like that… Would have lost the streak on my next game anyway as I came across a well coordinated hunter team with a good griffon player that smacked me real hard with how annoying harpoons can be, humiliating stage 1 loss.

Lesson learned though, had my revenge in my next game that ended the winning streaks ranging from 6-12 on the hunter side : ) The Griffon player in THAT match had one angry monster on his ass


I usually act like I’m dropping off the cliff to bait, then immediately hit shift to start climbing up and catch them at the top.


The reverse fall was mentioned above, it’s something that didn’t cross my mind. I was attempting to either charge him off the cliff or knock him off and jump down to try and catch him before he jetpacked back up, or try and bait him back up and be waiting to finish them off.


Thanks for the backwards fall tip, I’ll keep that in mind for future matches


Simple counter All monster can mele mid air… so when your falling down from ledge just spam mele if the hunter gets hit he gets knocked back to ground … then rockthrow when he starts climbing…