Advice for someone entering the industry?


Second to last update before the final verdict.

It went well! I drove out there (I finally understand why Californians hate traffic so much) and had my interview. It was with the lead designer and lead programmer of the game I’d be working on. They asked me to talk about some of my old projects, how I handled certain problems, stuff like that. Then just general design questions - “In Hearthstone, one complaint is that there isn’t a lot of counterplay for spells that are too powerful. What would you implement to fix that?” “As far as design goes, what makes your projects unique?” They even had me draw up and run them through an example of a board game I developed a while back. Then they had me break out my laptop and show them examples of my code and explain my thought process, and told me they’d probably call me some time this coming week.

Overall, I felt pretty good, but I wonder if I was almost… Too confident. Like, I asked at one point, “Will I be full or part time?” And they responded, “That’s a conversation for once we decide whether or not to take you.” Like, I almost forgot that it was an interview and that the decision wasn’t made. So I’ve gotta work on that in the future, I think.

All in all, not bad. Thanks for the tips, everyone! I’ll include the exciting conclusion to this saga as soon as I know it.


Just a slight word change, "Is the POSITION, full or part time?"


Would I be” might work, even.


That is one hell of a brave statement my man. You have so much to learn lol. Best of luck finding something soon! I don’t have a lot of advice since I work primarily with web development and that’s a much easier industry to get into than game development. That said, you should expect every job considering you for an interview to give you a code test of some sort (I’ve seen a lot of different kinds). When I’m interviewing someone for an entry level position the things I care most about is that they show me they’re flexible, willing to learn, know that they don’t know everything and are willing to take advice, and someone that is interested and passionate about their work.


I can rephrase: to the best of my knowledge, given a few months of testing, I haven’t found a bug. Neither have any of my friends, who’ve tried their best to break it and find something.

But that’s also what I said when it was first released, right before we realized that all the text boxes were editable, so.


If you ever write something truly bug free then it will be so simplistic that it’s not worth mentioning. It’s a fact of life that’s a pretty harsh reality when you get into a job. QA will rip the code you’ve worked weeks on to pieces. Your code reviews for the first year or two can be pretty difficult as well. I thought I wrote excellent code when I graduated…it was horrible, and even now I can struggle to break my code up properly. Point is, don’t get attached to your code or you’ll feel bad when it’s torn to shreds. Don’t take it personally when someone lets you know just how bad it is and learn from it. Some people get very offended when a bug is found in their code and those people are very difficult to work with. Fix it, learn from it, and move on.
Oh, and test your stuff before you send it to QA. You’d be shocked how many people run it a few times and say it’s done.


The final update…

I got it!!

A 6 month, full time contracted position. I don’t know the pay, but I’ll find a way to make it work no matter how what. They’ve gotta send a contract, and if I agree to it, I start soon.

So hell yeah, step one is complete. Thanks again to everyone here for all the help, advice, and especially encouragement - the support has been really nice.

I got a job!

Potentially important edit: they also mentioned that if I’m good and there’s space, there’s a possibility of a full job offer at the end. But he stressed that wasn’t guaranteed and I shouldn’t necessarily bank on it. But still, it’s good to know it’s a possibility.


That’s effing awesome, @KaptinSkorge. You should be extremely proud of yourself.

Enjoy it and good luck! This is the beginning of something awesome :slight_smile:


Congratulations! It’s been fun vicariously experiencing this with you and I’m glad it had a happy ending!


Even if you don’t get a job, you can now show that you already have 6 months of experience on your CV and your employer can also do a good word for you. So you pretty much already have your foot in the door for many other opportunities.

Either way, congrats! :slight_smile:


Congratulations! :smiley:


Awesome, congratulations. :slight_smile:

Like DarKastlez said, whether you get the job at the end or not you’ll still have 6 months experience under your belt. It’s an awesome opportunity so best of luck for these first 6 months.


I feel very happy about this, congrats!