Advice for monsters that can't fight


So I’ve noticed alot of monsters lately are great at running and getting stage 3 but in any dome before or at relay they are poor at fighting I’ve seen good monsters wreck hunters(I was one of the ones that got wrecked) with any monster so it can’t all be unbalanced issues and sunny and Jack are normally not in my party soooooooooooo what are some major points that should help improve Moster players in fights?


Combos, generally. I see to many pub Monsters get Medic down to half health, only to change targets for no real reason. Or focus Assault when everyone else is up, prioritizing Medic and Support is a must for Monsters and I see so many focus the wrong Hunter’s.


Tips from a shitty Monster player:

I almost always go after Support first, simply because I hate shields. Then Medic or Trapper, depending on who’s more irritating. Last is Assault, but I always try to avoid them in a fight if I can, simply because I don’t like tanking damage that I don’t need to.

Seriously, though, I have lost more matches as Monster than I’ve won, and I’ve been playing since release. I’m a dreadful Monster.

Combo, focus, basically what Rick said.


I have that problem a little. less so with Wraith and Kraken as their powers allow for more maneuverability and control over where Hunters move, as well as the ability to continue damaging them despite their movement. But I have a huge problem getting single targets down with Goliath. I had a match with an Assault who always crawled up my…special place whenever I attacked anyone other than him. He played Hyde and melted my armor. I got him and a few others down in Arena, but they turned the tide. In the second round, I tried focusing on the Medic, but she was able to escape and Hyde and TS Hank kept me from doing enough damage to her or th Hank. The first round felt fair, the second did not. I have no real idea how to play him. He’s too limited and his powers are too normal compared to Kraken and Wraith to be a decent killer. At the very least, his melee should get a buff. But I understand why that wouldn’t happen. I wish he was more vialble than he currently is.


Combos are your friend.

If you pounce someone; end that pounce with a charge. Guaranteed burst damage.

One of the best combos is Charge, > Short Range Leap Smash > Rock Throw. Save Fire Breathe to finish off a Hunter, while spreading damage to your next target.

Or Leap Smash > Charge, his abilities can combo pretty well.


I’ve tried something like that, but they usually dodge out of the way after a pounce. Unless you mean end the pounce myself before they hit me, then that’s a great idea. The other stuff too. I really need to get better with him. He’s my weakness monster-wise right now. My best is Wraith, then Kraken.


I prefer Goliath over any of the Monsters, I feel cheesy using Kraken because you can get strikes from 60 meters away, and when I do use him I’ve noticed I’m much more likely to get insults when I beat a team lol. Which is lame, I wish none of the Monsters were considered “easy,” strafing back and forth as Kraken while still landing abilities does take skill. Hunter’s who have trouble with him give him to much hate.

I find Goliaths combos the most satisfying, I did mean to end the pounce before they get to you. Pounce for a little damage, even in the middle of a fight just to pull them to you, then charge immediately. It’s great burst damage, Kraken can do the same with Vortex, Behemoth with Fissure and Wraith with Warp Blast.

And while it’s fun to long range Leap Smash, it gives Hunter’s to much time to get out of the way. Doing it up close can almost guarantee damage unless they dodge right away.



As @RickSanchez said, combos, but also aiming plays crucial role to win a fight in a dome.

You need to land every ability, pounce / heavy, to bring good team down.

If you miss 1-2 abilities, you are lacking burs dmg to dig through that shield and heals fast enough


That’s a good point Zeon. Hunter’s who are coordinated require perfect accuracy to bring down. You miss one crucial move, and not only do you not get that damage, you give them a few seconds to heal, and reposition.


Only tip krakens need aftershock 3 + cool down = GG