Advice for Hunters I don't play

Finally hopped back on this game and I’ve decided that I’m going to play the hunters I haven’t got to elite level, being Markov, Griffin, And Val (also what perks are best with these 3. So, as the topic says, what are some tips that can help me improve my game with these characters?

Thanks in advance.

Markov - Pretty standard Assault, just set those Mines and try and lure the monster in.

Griffin - Evenly place those sound spikes, usually place them in a line across the map so if the Monster crosses one side of the map to the other you can tell. Also Harpoon the monster as soon as you throw the dome, don’t be afraid to use it in dome as well, it can really take heat of hunters that the monster is after,

Val - Always have the tranq gun ready, good communication with a Hank player is also good, get them heals in when the shield is up.

Sadly I’m no expert and what I’ve just stated is probably well-known play, but I have edited Griffin and Val. Happy hunting!

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Markov: set mines in high places or locations for teammates to run in when they get focused. Assault rifle, aim for head shots when monster is out of range for lightning gun.

Griffin: pay attention to the monster’s rotation. If the Goliath does fire into leap into rock, harpoon right after the fire to shut down the leap smash. Then just stay on damage until the monster is going to leap again. Or harpoon when the monster tries to climb a wall.

Val: get a Hank or a Sunny as support and rely on that support heavily. Heal with med gun and save your heal burst for emergencies and yourself. Try to tranq the monster often, but make healing a priority. Same with sniper rifle.

Hope this helps! If you have any questions or if someone thinks I said something wrong, feel free to ask me about it!

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Lay down some mines away from the fight and then try to entice the monster to chase you to them. More likely to get multiple mines damaging at once for the level 3 mastery. Also mine the hell out of downed bodies if the monster has moved away,


Try to have your team mates avoid taking damage throughout the hunt, keep them topped up, so when the fight is happening you can take a perch on one side of the dome and tranq and headshot the monster a couple of times before really needing to heal. Requires a good juke-worthy team.


Man… I elited this guy so long ago I don’t even remember what his stuff is. Make sure to keep your sound spikes spread out, they should ideally just about touch each other’s range rather than be half covering each other. This way you can track the monster for quite a while before it gets out. Also take reload speed for improving harpoon mastery chances.

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Savior of colonists!
@MrTalha your advice is needed

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Just ignore the mines, they are mostly for show.
Time spent on mines would better be spent using your lightning gun or using the assault rifle on Kraken’s fat head/Behemoth’s belly.

Markov is mostly an anti-cheese assault, as you counter three common tactics monsters use to cheat their way to victory:

  • You counter monsters abusing the stamina regen to avoid damage in domes with the range on your lightning gun.

  • Your lightning gun also counter the monsters ability to remove you from the game temporarily by the click of a button, which is extremely important if you are against a monster about your skill level and the match is a close one with you as the last hunter standing.

  • You counter Kraken abusing his stamina regen to stay in the air forever in combat and counter about all damage with your assault rifle’s ability to do great damage on headshots.

He lacks the raw power of the three other assaults, but he is my favorite because you can basically kick good monster players crutches as they lean on them, collecting their tears as they plummet to the ground.
He and Torvald are the most fun assaults to play. Well, Torvald will be among the most fun assaults to play when they change his category from medic to assault. He is a terrible medic. He does no healing.

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Val: stay away from the battle zones, keep your med gun ready everytime for heal injury teammates ASAP so your med gun get recharge when another hunter get damage, during combat focus on healing the hunter that the monster is attacking

Safe your healing burts when i teammate is close to death.

Highly suggest you to switch your weapons between tranq and medgun, when you are engaging the monster, use the tranq then switch to med gun. Don’t reveal your position everytime you shoot the sniper rifle, change your position inmediately, so the monster can not spotted you. You must have knowledge of the maps, for choose the best spot for use the sniper rifle.

Hope this help you, is what i always do.

One last thing, and is the most important: *Treat Val as she was your gf and she always be there for help

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Except if he wants to master them :stuck_out_tongue:

For Griffin use math. At full mastery his sound spikes are 66m in radius so go far enough that the sound spike says 132m and then place it, perfect sound spike placement.

Also works with normal Griffin, normal range is 60m so go 120m and then place it for perfect range.

Thanks for the responses. I have to say, these 3 characters were hella fun to play as, although playing as Val I felt like a damn Happy Meal and the Monster was a fat kid not fed in 3 days.

@MrTalha What perk would you say is best with Markov?

I think that he is very flexible when it comes to perks.
In pubs you can pick health regen without hurting yourself, while with a medic you know is good, damage increase or movement/jetpack recharge is very good. Capacity works too.

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At the start of a match, just use the Mines like Maggie’s Harpoon Mines: spam them when you are moving and don’t know the Monster’s exact location (also when you’re not being attacked) that way, you’ll have a bunch of mines behind you to retreat to if things suddenly go wrong.

If the Monster’s in your face, switch to offensive Mode. If the Monster is somewhere in the dome, set up Mines, but when you hit 5, use the Lightning Gun to autofind a Monster if it’s chilling in the bushes.

I personally go for Reload Speed on him for the Lightning Gun and Mines.

Val: (I’m 31 with her on Xbox)

High places are your best friend. Always set up high and basically have your Tranq Dart out if you aren’t engaged with the Monster.

There is a triage with her quick swap playstyle:

1: Is everyone topped off? If not, heal. If your Medgun runs out or everyone is healed, see 2.

2: Tranq the Monster every 10 seconds. No reason to hit it again and again, I don’t believe it extends the duration like Abe’s Tracking Dart. The reload animation is a little weird, so it might show it as full, but not allow you to fire.

3: Create weakspots when the above are done. Alternate between 2 every few seconds and 3 when the Monster is not tranq’d.

I personally prefer Jetpack Recharge on her, because of her lack of survivability. Management on her is super important, and try to stay at the back of the pack. Leave some fuel in reserve for a quick dodge.


He is my favorite Trapper, still.

The magic number on Sound Spikes is 120. Look on a spike after you’ve set one down and you’ll see the distance to nearest spike on the actual item. It will turn green around 90. 120 is the best number, because his radius is 60m and there is no benefit to overlapping spikes.

In combat, use the SMG when the Monster is in your face and the Harpoon Gun when it is focused on your Medic/teammates. You have to learn the Monster’s reaction patterns. Traversals need a bit of timing to get used to.

You can Jetpack backwards once the Monster is snagged. Use this to put yourself in a better position. Try to stay opposite of the Medic. This forces the Monster to either get Harpooned or to focus on you (which reduces pressure on your Medic), since you’re in different directions.

I personally run Reload Speed on him to Harpoon a split second faster.

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