Advice for graphic card please


Yo everyone.
I am selling my gigabyte 7950 later this month and i’m kinda noob on this things.I don’t have a problem with my card it could run Evolve with Ultra settings at 50 fps.Its just that i’m spending a lot of time in my PC and Evolve especially when we are playing ESL and my card tends to get hot.Im talking about 3-4 hours of non stop playing.I put another fan in my PC + changed the paste.Its cooler now but still after lots of hours of playing i get some spikes and i need to restart.

So i will eventually buy a new one later this month.People have been saying good things about gigabyte GTX 960.Anyone use it?Anyone can reccomend it?

Also i don’t want the card to exceed 300$.

Appreciate any input.Feel free to recommend any card that costs less than 300$


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Anyway any chance u got the gtx960? :slight_smile:


nope my pc is terrible


GTX960 is definitely a good card and will serve you well, though if you’re will to spend a little bit over $300 I’d recommend a 970 (they tend to be between $320-$350). I can’t speak for the brand since I tend to stick to EVGA cards, but if gigabyte cards have worked for you in the past you can’t go wrong sticking with them.


How much are you selling it for? Do you have a buyer already?


im giving it to my brother for 100$.I’d sell it 150$ if i could.Simply cause if you are okay with a bit loudness this card runs everything ultra for 2 years now.Thing is i want to be gaming for HOURS.And its a bit loud and hot for so many hours.For example tomorrow i’m playing from 13:00 the charity Evolve tournament till 23:00 the ESL finals xD

I’ve been reading mixed stuff.But yeah Gigabyte is cool but also EVGA has the fastest OC in the market for 960.My problem is.Will i be able to play maxed out games for the next 2 years like my 7950 did?

PS.I dont care about advanced stuff like 4k res and other things.Just 1080p gaming


Like @UseYourMonocle said, if you’re willing to pay 50 more get a 970. I have one and there is nothing I cannot run.

That card is a monster. Although the issue with 970’s are its VRAM being 3.5 GB instead of the advertised 4 GB.

A 960, I’m pretty sure will do you good, but its still good to go for le 970.

Gigabyte version is the best out of all of them. Best cooling and performance.


I’m not sure just how future proof the 960 is (that’s why I recommended the 970), but if you find that two years from now it can’t run games at maxed settings you can always pick up another one and run a dual SLI setup. Also is you’re overheating issue just a graphic’s card issue or something affecting your entire PC? If the latter: how’s your cable management? Is there a lot of dust build up?


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960 is not future proof at all. u’ll find that it has a hard time keeping evolve above 60fps in medium settings in intense scenes. I have a 770, which is faster than a 960, and I play at medium settings with low particle quality to keep frame rate. if u want a card that u dont need to upgrade for a bit get the 970, or wait for amd to come out with 300 series like 380x


prolly should wait for AMD’s next gen of video card, which comes out soon. 970 would be a good card if not for it’s mammory issues.


Considering a Gtx 960 is worse than a gtx 770. Ive got a gtx 970 gigabyte g1. Yea, this card has the highest performance on the gtx 970 market so far. You can run all max settings with this card and the rumor with 3,5 Gb is not an issue. Nvidia haters like to mention it they want to convience you to buy an amd card. Compared with nvidia in temperature and power consumption amd cards are bad overall in performance/Temp/power ratio.
Exactly 3,5 are not 4gb, but your card can run up to 4gb without losing performance. If it does thats very rare. My Vram stucks about 3,6-3,7 Gb - no problems here.


Thanks for the respones everyone.

I find this card at 415 euros :confused: That’s more than 50 more.Its actually 200 more than 960 gigabyte and 100 more than g1 gigabyte 960.

As for the AMD card coming out.I know i should wait.But my brother needs my GPU.And i can’t stay without a gpu :slight_smile:

Yeah i heard about that.It doesn’t affect gaming.Also im neither a Nvidia hater nor an AMD hater :stuck_out_tongue: .I just go with whatever i find better at the momment.I know gtx 970 is a strong card which will last.

Anyway again thanks for the replies.
If i manage to win today’s ESL finals with the team i might have the cash to go for 970.So let’s hope :slight_smile:


Of course this one is the most expensive, its the best one! Shoulda pointed that out before though <_>"

Did you check the other 970’s? The MSI GTX 970 is only $320 and is the jack-of-all-trades of the 970’s. If you can’t afford the Gigabyte I recommend the MSI.

That one. Is gud deal.