Advice for being a better wraith player :D

I have to say I seldom use the WB as a damaging output ability. I know most people do but I don’t know how to aim it properly I guess…so sometimes after an abduct I WB right into the dazed hunter as desired while other times I completely fly past them and miss by a long shot. I saw in your video that you did both of these so I presume you struggle from my predicament as well. I’m not exactly sure how to prevent sailing past after-abducted airborn hunters.

Instead, I use Warp Blast for aerial maneuverability by shooting straight up into the air and hovering like a Kraken while holding the Abduct key. This way I can see the entire field of battle and usually pinpoint who I want to go after with the abduct. I go for the move, and if I do abduct I try to use melee strikes on the way down, and pop Supernova if I can pin them to the ground or against something. While I’m doing that my Warp Blast is read to come back up so I can use it again to fly high, or should the team be bunched up go for the opportunity to hit them all at once with that and share the love. Seriously though, I mainly use it for flight and area control purposes.

How do you guys prevent sailing past hunters with WB?

I find as I told my new found friend to start with supernova and when they try dodging out of it to use it


Well I’ve discovered a technique with warp blast.

Most people jet pack back wards so I stand in front them WP behind them a bit this confuses them whice gives me an advantage it doesn’t awalys work though, but it’s fun when it actually works. :smiley:

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If you hit the warpblast button again it stops you. So if you double tap it really quickly you’ll go like 2 feet

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yes abduction does enought dmg

never put more then 1 point in it the scaling is crap.

u can force heavy attacks as wraith

every time ure in the air u get an air heavy

which means u can travrsal a little bit above the hunter and heavy his face

its not easy to master but if u do… its just stupid from the hunters pov


Thx for clarifying that I may not have explained it very well

I’m neither of those, just a fan of the game like everyone else :slight_smile:

@SQUAry_berry395 you’ll get used to it eventually, it might help if you adjust your aim sensitivity as well until you get something that feels “right”. What I mean by that is, I played with my sensitivity on about 65 for a while, then I reduced it to 45 and it felt soooo much easier to aim abduction. It might be alright for you now, which is cool. Just something to keep in mind.

Drop Decoy.
It’s a worthless skill, it serves only one function, to misdirect the hunters and it only even works in that capacity when you’re running, or if you’re against bad hunters.
If you’re against good hunters they will ignore your Decoy entirely, when chasing you they’ll be more cautious about throwing the dome until they’re positive they have you and not the Decoy, in combat it will do literally nothing. A good team will dodge the Decoy’s terrible AI with no problem and will reveal you by shooting you.
Again, it’s a worthless skill.
As such, why take it at all?
My build is:

Warp I
Abduct I
Supernova I

Warp III
Abduct I
Supernova II

Warp III
Abduct III
Supernova III

If other monsters can be sneaky without the Decoy there is no reason Wraith can’t be, especially considering she has the smallest silhouette of all the monsters.
Wraith’s survivability comes from how mobile she is during combat, (and her recent and unnecessary armor boost).
If you pick your fights well you can get strikes at stage 1 easily.
If you do want to keep Decoy by all means do so, but I’d advise you to stop relying on it so much.
It is a crutch of a skill, I see bad Wraiths dumping everything into it because bad hunters just do not know how to deal with it. It can be useful in certain, specific situations, but I personally believe that a point in Decoy is a point wasted, as it could have been invested in increasing your damage potential.

I agree mostly with how decoy should not be heavily relied on. However it is effective when used occasionally and properly. If you use it rarely it’s less likely for a hunter to realise it’s fake before the first shot reveals the truth. More importantly the decoy should be used when you have broken line of sight with the hunters. Especially if to done in a way that would have the decoy follow the expected path you yourself would have gone. For instance as I pass behind a wide coloumn or tree, I use decoy the instant Im out of sight and reverse course. The hunters see the decoy continuing on in the direction I was headed, allowing me to circle around them. It’s all about keeping aware of your surroundings and knowing when a decoy would provide effective confusion. This is what I love about playing against other players, you can get inside their heads and anticipate them far better then you would a CPU. This is wraiths specialty, mind games.

Since were saying builds, mine is yet to fail and I actually use decoy which is probably why it hasn’t failed.

decoy: 1

S2:Warp 2
abduction 1

and If i get to stage three: ( I rarely need to)

Warp: 3
abduction: 2
SN: 3
Decoy: 1

every once in a while i put the extra point in abduct in decoy for it to last longer when im running away, My build is best effective when you combo them IE: going SN and if the hunter tries JPB out, i use abduct to bring them back in then warp blast them because they just used the three JPB. and I use decoy in combat only when i get out of LOS and to re position myself to use abduct then either A) pounce them, or B) wait till they use their three JPB then warp to them.

Now it is worth saying and rementioning that any good hunter will notice the decoy off the first shot at it, but nonetheless, even while theyre firing at the decoy, you remain invisible and thus making it hard to find you. the only thing you need to worry about is making sure you stay away from markov and ciara since both their shots will reveal where you are

Just seeing this now and I appologize for reawakening this thread, but usually, with wratih, try to get hunters to use all their jetpack before you use warp blast. I normally go: SN, (they JP away), Abduct, warp blast then SN again.

I know how I wraith. Anyways, I only use SN when the hunters cannot escape.

:lazarus_cute: ARISE!!! :lazarus_cute:

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(me laughing cause body needs to be more discriptibe) hehehehehehehe


Also gotta get used to abduct being all sorts of fucked up =/

You can’t just type hahahaha or you get a message saying body needs to be more descriptive

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;-; true. it is significantly less consistant at long range.

Also I lost a match cause of that weird bounce back thing put me under the ground.

What is that? I think I know what you are talking about but idk if it is. Is it when you abduct it does the opposite or something?

I got a video of it in there and I’m uploading my current video of it to youtube and then I’ll post it in there.

Ah, I haven’t encountered that yet, I pry that I don’t though.

usually I get the damage only abduction