Advice for being a better wraith player :D

yooo, im back hehehe! I started doing this recently, but Im ranked high enough to get at least one gold ranked hunter every like… 5 or 6 matches, I add them, ask them if I could play a match with a party of gold ranked hunters and at the end of the match (usually just a second after I stage up to 2) i ask for tips. Ive gotten some killer tips from people like that. but Good luck and I cant wait to see your name on the #1 slot for wraith in the PS4 platform!


Yea I’ll try my best and thx for everything man :smiley:

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No problem!

I was abouta say if you want I could help you out in a game but I use the xb1 platform

i really really do not get that. As wraith a torvald pick makes me feel safe since all I have to do is keep one traversal in the tank to avoid 80% of his damage.

Also when you abduct someone and drag them off a cliff @SQUAry_berry395 try to hit them you’ll get an automatic heavy melee as long as you’re falling and it’ll knock them into a tumble so they won’t be able to jetpack back to the cliff edge.

abduct + WB combos are good but I like to hit them with a heavy melee send em into a tumble WB them then abduct them and then heavy melee and finish em off with a supernova.

He stops me from focusing and oftentimes the good torvalds will wait for the abduct-WB combo to launch a salvo and usually you will get pegged by 1 or 2 mortar hits during the dome.

That is, if they are good… I probably should’ve specified what i meant.

I get where youre coming from with the

but I gotta disagree with lenny. I said earlier I main with wraith when playing a monster but I hate when I see lenny going against me. Especially with a hank in play and youre just trying to down him and lenny is sitting behind you jabbing you in the ass with her fucking toothpick doing 4x the damage. Then you turn your back for a second to tell her to fuck off and hank goes poof and its like mission impossible trying to sniff him out with lenny continuously poking your ass. I fucking hate that with a passion.

Torvald is cool though cause you can easily just warp out of the way once you hear the mortars first click. same going with lennys TS. And imo, i just flat out think parnell is the worst assault when hes not paired with cabot.


I say lenny is not good since the melee hitboxes on the melees are massive so it is easy to stop the multiplier.

But I get your pain.

IT is less this

and more this


If only you see me as Parnell >:D

But if he’s against wraith then it’s very challenging.

(Sorry if the gifs is a bit creepy)

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is… is that a One Piece gif?

yes… yes it is!

you… I like you!


i see how it is…


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NO! I know your true colors now!


Any place with multiple vertical loops is great for wraith. Some like skywraith but I find against good hunters you are too exposed. Fight them down low, if things heat up, move up top and abduct the first thing to waste its jetpack chasing you. Fight some more then move back down, rinse and repeat.

I use my abducts at close range so usually the abduct ends before the mortars hit and I can traversal away.

I was playing against midnightrose and shes one of the better people I’ve seen with torvald and I only took like 2 or 3 really good full on mortars most of them were half of bar of armour damage and one of them was cause of an abduct glitch that sort of benefited me I hit a tyrant and stopped when I was going to grab shin and then it teleported him to my arms which delayed me which let her hit me with an amped mortar strike.

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Usually i get so into the combos that I start WB before I realize the Mortar was fired. -.- it is annoying.

That sucks. I guess I’m a little less enthusiastic in my attacks

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I get wayyy too into it and have had that done to me. Now I do it because I steal from everything. :stuck_out_tongue:

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damn that was dramatic.

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Posting this as a reminder to watch this and respond when I can later!

thst was good really good in case you didn’t know that’s my esl team minus me of course you wouldnt have gotten 2 strikes in me because of posistioning mistake the same way you did on him but we won esl the past few weeks now they’re nev gonna play without me man nice jobt
Edit: they had some roles mixed around I don’t know why smoke was on assault but still beautiful slaughter
Edit 2: they had Nicky on trapper wow this is difficult for me to watch