Advice for being a better wraith player :D


Also gotta get used to abduct being all sorts of fucked up =/

You can’t just type hahahaha or you get a message saying body needs to be more descriptive

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;-; true. it is significantly less consistant at long range.

Also I lost a match cause of that weird bounce back thing put me under the ground.

What is that? I think I know what you are talking about but idk if it is. Is it when you abduct it does the opposite or something?

I got a video of it in there and I’m uploading my current video of it to youtube and then I’ll post it in there.

Ah, I haven’t encountered that yet, I pry that I don’t though.

usually I get the damage only abduction

I get that all of the time and ones where I hit the hunter and deal no damage or I hit them with the edge of my wraith but slide around and continue up into the sky usually only happens when I’m trying to get that laz that was boosted up into the sky by sunny.

I pray for your wraith. She is all KINDS of fucked up.

All I’ve gotten were damage only grabs and the most annoying of all.

You use abduct and then for some reason you can’t do damage immediately afterwards. I try to air heavy but it doesn’t activate until a full second after the abduction happened.


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Most instene matches I’ve ever played, learned a lot of stuff from this.

The traversal bug cost me as lot in this match and I hope it gets fixed.

@Trollogrefey any advice?

  • If you want someone down as wraith then go full aggressive mode even if there’s a shield.

  • don’t be too passive

  • aim better

  • get better at chaining attacks

I’d suggest avoiding fighting a defensive comp at stage 1 unless they are poor fighters and if you do plan on fighting I’d suggest putting a point into SN not decoy.

Also when I’m on that map I like to feed fast where you went and then cross the river and run to the opposite side of the map hard to do against sunny but it’ll give you a couple spots to run a loop

Also you kept doubling back while tracked you should run straight until they don’t have tracking or tranqs in you.

I was trying to avoid LOS on Val cuz those tranq darts are the worst.

(Sorry if I don’t make any sense I’m just a bit down can’t think straight)

Also you may not know this but if you tap the WB button it stops you from going forward

Also you really need to destroy the shield generator or take them out of LoS.

If you had grabbed that Slow on melee buff from the steamadon you could have really messed em up with Supernova. Or the damage buff from albino sloth.

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I wanted to win without any buffs cuz I know how unfair they are I wanted pure skill.

And I’ll destroy the shield drone from now on or get them out LOS thx for the tips

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You also used Abduct a bit differently than I do. I save abduct for when I’ve already almost finished em off and they’re trying to escape.

Thats fair but only sore losers complain about anything other than CDR or Dmg Increase/Reduction

I couldn’t do anything she kept jet packing up and I knew I couldent get her with the abduct with how pathetic it is but it’s a good idea to save abduct, I’ll keep that in mind

I’m also on PC it’s probably easier/faster to aim abduct with the mouse

When you get tranqd by Val, or generally slowed by some stasis effect, you can use the stealth pounce as kind of a traversal. You don’t necessarily need to hit anyone, just use it on the run to get forward faster.
On your feed you can be a lot faster, if you sneak pounce mammoth birds for one or two hits (just test it out) and then finish them with a melee strike (which should be a heavy melee usually).
Never use SN with a shield Drone in LoS, it won’t be rewarding when the team has a strong assault. Try to abduct them out of LoS or break the shield drone with WB in a moment someone sands close to it (preferred the support, right the moment he places it). Then you got rid of the shield drone and also at least one person had to waste a bit of his/her jetpack to dodge you. Once the shield drone is down you can carry on focusing the support, or some other hunter who you have focused, since the next shild drone takes a little bit to charge up (if you do the heavy chain well, you might even down a hunter).
While running from Val, don’t use your WB when you think you are still in LoS. A Wraith at the end of WB animation is one of the easiest things to hit a tranq on.
On stage 2 the team should still try to hunt you down, so don’t rush hin for the engage, feed up, sneak and wait for a perfect moment (e.g. a devastating sneak pounce on the support).

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