Advice for being a better wraith player :D

Any comments?

I main wraith whenever I play as monster, Id say take more time to aim your warp blast and your abductions, wraith is already really good, but you make wraith so much deadlier when all your abilities are being used to their full potential.

Yea I always miss abductions I’ll get better at it hopefully thx for the tip.

You did quite well actually, although there are a couple o things i noticed.

You did a good job getting strikes but you could’ve been more efficient about it bu focusing on your targets more.

Also, you need to work on finding people who are cloaked, hank was close to being downed in that second engagement but you let him fly off over the crates you were attacking him by.

Also, the first engagement you tried to use SN to down jack but you should’ve used WB since it would’ve insta downed him before hank could shield him.

I have a feeling that you really benefitted from the parnell pick since he seemed to not hit you very hard or effectively. If that had been a hyde you would’ve taken more damage since hyde, markov and torvald are good picks vs wraith. wheras parnell and lenny are not that great vs her.

Your combat areas seemed to be disadvantageous, in the first encounter you started in a VERY bad place for wraith which was the connection tunnel next to the place you actually fought. The place hwre you actually fought them was good since it blocked LOS.

The second place was terrible because it was in the great wide open.
The third was ok since it was cramped and had some LOS areas that you neverused.

to summerize: aim better, pick LOS blockage places, and also, don’t use decoy in combat, good teams will see you and just shoot at you and ignore the decoy.


anytime, man!

Yea I really need to work on what you said but I have some questions if you don’t mind >.<

What areas does wraith benefit the most from, caves Or some where open?

How do I force a hunter to move out of LOS of their teammates? I rely on abduction the most to actually move them but it’s a bit difficult sometimes

Places with lots of pillars and anything that blocks LOS, also corners are amazing friends :wink:

Also, the way you do it is… you trick them by being stealthy, they don’t know where you are and once they are near you beat their skulls in with the bodies of dead mammoth birds. :smiley:

In all seriousness however, using abduction then aiming warpblast in front of them usually will blast them out of LOS. I takes a lot of practice but is enormously effective.

Abducting over nothingness behind a cliff works because they fall out of LOS behind the cliff.

Or you do an abduction from behind and kill them before their team can react in time.

Thanks so much for this video! I faced the exact same comp just a couple hours ago on medlab and it was a close match but I ended up losing. Every time I got a strike on someone I had to go through the entirety of hank’s shield since it seemed to recharge in just a few seconds and that’s after having to fully deplete jack’s repulsor. Their coordination was too much for me. This is something I can definitely something I can learn from.

Don’t try to go throught he shield, it isn’t worth it since you lose all of your burst potetial and before they reload, so will the shield. Either break LOS or kill hank.

Killing hank is funnnnnnnn.

HA HAHA HAHAHA for question 1. I love playing wraith in ice maps for her natural white light luminescence and in terms of actually fighting huntera, caves and where there is a lot of water! i always try to bait hunters to doming me where water just dominates the dome, Also, I’m comfortable when there are those big ass pillars so I can push or pull hunters behind and pounce them to deal damage. though a good hank or sunny would stay high where line of sight is always best.

For question 2. go into SN and push the target hunter away from the team and behind a pillar, OR, I saw you do this in your video as well, but decoy get behind something then abduct. I usually always go for the medic first unless hank is in play. then he has to go first

Well if you want I could tell you how I use wraith.

I always try to mess with the teams heads and be one step ahead of them for example:

I focus the trapper/medic and hank shields I act like I’m focusing them but I warp blast to hank and he won’t have time to react, then I cause the medic to panic by spreading out the damage so he has to save a teammate but lose another one.

Then I finish them off and I awalys keep an eye on the assault so if I hear torvalds mortars I run or if I see hydra stink nade I get out of there.

this in play as a hunter is a nightmare. but as the wraith, is probably one of the messiest yet effective ways to beat an annoying team

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It is usually better to just burst someone down, because spreading damage doesn’t really work against most teams without laz.

You were doing fine though :slight_smile: you have great potential young one… use it wisely

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Yea definitely I only spread damage to cause the team to panic and especially the medic then I take advantage of it.

And don’t worry I’m gonna be the best wraith player on PS4 >:D


I cannot wait for the new controller coming out for PS4. I might actually use my PS4 copy and join in the rekage. :smile:

Yeah tried it tried to break it but their positioning was exemplary and timed clocks and repulsors allowed for few opportunities, at least those of which I was skilled enough to take advantage, to kill him. Jack was always in front of hank. Total of nine incappes by the end.

@SQUAry_berry395 thanks for offer but at this point I’ve read a lot of the information here on the forums and now I just need to practice more in order to be capable enough to use that information effectively.

ouch, then the team just beat you fair and square.

Jack though… :expressionless: he irritates me.

Yea you can hear all the advice/ tips but practice is what really changes you and I benefited a lot from this thread as well :smiley:

Advice is the stepping stone for you to practice these thactics and master them :smile:


True but definitely one of the best matches I’ve had in while considering how close it was. Thanks guys and I’m confident you’ll make it to the top! You’ll be feared far and wide so keep on training!