Advice for anyone downloading ES2 or any big downloads on Steam



#Steam is a beach

Anyone who’s used enough of Steam know how frustrating it can be sometimes, especially when it comes to networking related services.
The way the downloads work (and the constant maintances shut downs) has always been one of biggest gripes with the game. I have had countless experiences where a game (or a patch) that I can’t finish downloading with one sitting restarting all the way back to 0% from the halfway or whatever mark percentage I had before restarting steam, this is very frustrating especially if you’re superhype to play your game or awesome patch.

I recently had this with the Stage 2 update, I can’t tell you enough how upset I am to wake at 2 in the morning to resume my download only to find out that started back to zero from the 14GB download I had yesterday.
Despite how bad Origin can be I have never had this with any of their games since I have started using Origin three years ago.

There is no real fix for stuff like this but you can prevent it from ruining your day.
So with that I decided to write this helpful bit to make sure it doesn’t happen to anymore people.

#Here we go

if you have a download that you can’t download in one sitting or whatever, always always always!! ALWAYS!!! Disable Auto-Updates for the game, this is because you may be downloading your game and if you’re unaware (because you’re new to a game or because the game got a hotfix) that there’s an update launching, the game will restart the download with the version you are downloading and the new patch with it.
This was a big prominent issue I had sometimes when I was playing Dota 2.

###You can disable auto-updates for a game by:
going to your Steam’s “Library” >Select “Properties” (of your game) >“Updates” > and select “Only update this game when I launch it” on the “Automatic update” pulldown >and just click on “Close”

Okay now that that is done, it should cause you less headaches in the future.

Steam stores your download data in a temporary cache, sometimes if you exit Steam or shutdown your PC it may not store the data you downloaded properly. So always pause the download or “Remove” the download from the download Queue.

Doing this (sometimes) ensures that steam has the time to store your download data locally.

The cache file is store on the patchfile, so every time steam restarts or your computer restarts it always goes to the patchfile to check where to download the game/update from.

Backing up or copying the patch file (before shutting down) gives you the option of reinstalling the cache file when you start the download again.

###To back up simply:
Go to folder Steam is installed on (e.g. D:\Games\Steam) >open ‘steamapps’ folder> then ‘downloading’ folder> try to find the game’s product number, for the Stage 2 beta build the game’s number is “273350” > once product is confirmed find the .patch file for it, it should be something like this “state_273350_273363”. There will be two or three of these > once file has be found, copy them and put them in a different folder or the desktop

You can do this every time you’re about to shutdown/restart steam or your computer, when the data gets wonky when you’re trying to resume the download you can simply just copy and overwrite the file in the ‘downloading’ folder with the one you lastly copy.

##Fourth (optional): Watch a movie or play a single player game, while you wait for the download.

Completely optional, gives you something to do while you’re downloading. Just remember to allow the game to download in the background.

Library> Games> game’s ‘Properties’ > Updates > “Always allow background downloads” in the ‘Background Downloads’ section.

I personally take the time to play my stimulator games and do achievement runs of Dishonored, sometimes re-watching tv shows and Sailor Moon as well.

####Hope this helps out and won’t cause any issue for you guys in the future.

Thank you for reading, love Azmi (Zack Zack Pinkie Pie) - The Twerking Colonist.