Advice/clarification needed: perks for Bucket's sentry guns


Hi all,

currently when I roll Bucket I choose perks in this slot order: health regen, bounty hunter and finally rocket king. Now I’d like perk up so the sentries damages out a bit more furiously. So, at slot 3 I could choose whot-sis-name perk that increases damage output by 5% at tier one.

But what about the Acid Rounds perk? The description says only direct damage is affected, does the sentry bullets count as direct damage? I could guess “yes” but I’d like to be certain.

With emphasis on upping sentry gun damage what would you choose? Got another perk combo I could use?

Thanks for reading.


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Thanks, mate!


aw, come on guys, break some windows! :cry:

…I mean I could use the guidance! I gots me some a dem silva keys and I wanna throw them at a perk.


Sorry for the late reply. :open_mouth: Yes, damage from turrets count as direct damage. :slight_smile:

Personally I go “Extra force”, “Reloader” and “Speedloader” to get that Mechanized recharge back up faster, with a little bit of extra damage.

Admittedly, I haven’t been experimenting a lot with perks, but three damage/poison perks does sound like it could work really well with Bucket. :bucket_cute:


Thank you! I’ll try out that combo you provided as well.

Did anyone catch the Earthworm Jim quote? :slight_smile:


You already know that when you use Reloader and Speedloader it affect sadly not the Mechanized Recharger? :confused:

Read this here:


I think a damage resistance for deployables could be nice (Emet, Markov, Blitzkov, Bucket, Griffin, Abe,… )


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