Advice against this comp

Torvald, Hank, Jack and a Laz who sits outside the dome.

Down Hank and Torvald will not allow camping and Jack will give Laz an opportunity.
Down Torvald and they just need to barrage plus pull the dome down.

Down a shielded Jack…good luck with that.

Then they just sit togheter on a cliff being healed from outside.

Any suggestions? This to me looks nearly impossible with Goliath.

Go to the other side of the dome. There’s lots of topics about Laz being outside and how to counter, which hunters doesn’t really make much of a difference

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Apart from Goliath being a giant pushover in Evolve’s current build, I’d say stop bodycamping against a Torvald.

Incapacitate Hank. Keep an eye on Lazarus while starting to go for Assault (ideally you’ll have already baited his shield before you got Hank down, although that’s occasionally easier said than done).

Go for Lazarus as soon as he enters the dome. If he uses his Cloak (be it inside or still outside the dome), you’ll have to bodycamp “carefully” and I assume that’s what’s giving you the most trouble against this build.

Torvald can severely punish Monsters that stick around the incapped Hank all the time.
Move away however, and you’ll find yourself unable to hit Laz off the body in time due to Jack’s Repulsor.

I found that it’s best to go for Lazarus first whenever you can and that it’s best to learn how to bodycamp safely.
Only when Laz is outside the dome or when he’s Cloaked and you’ve done your absolute best and failed to find him should you resort to bodycamping.
It’s possible to camp the incapped Hank while still dodging most of Torvald’s Mortars. There’s somewhat of a safe area around the incapped Hunter where you can still somewhat do your best to evade damage while being close enough to attack Lazarus should he attempt to revive. Be careful not to “dodge too far”, otherwise you’re left with Jack forcing you to blindly rely on Rock Throw as your only option left to hit Lazarus attempting to revive.

I think I’ll just go with another monster then.

I’m just not good enough to deal with Hank’s shield, 2 cloacks, repulsor while the assault is on me.

I think it’s not fun, it’s only stressful.

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And thus another Kraken was born

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This comp is super hard for you to go straight to Laz as Jack and Hank can both protect him and the rest of the team.

My advice with this comp is to try your best to run til stage three, best to down Jack as fast as you can.

Try and bait the assault to use their shield.

If the opportunity presents itself where you’re in a favorable area or you manage to get Jack down in a good area, go straight to an assault who has no shield. If the assault is gone Hank will be force to do all the damage for the team, though he can do a lot of damage he wont be able to dish out as much damage as torvald if he were to force you to camp.


Try to have some distance between you and the body, SAVE YOUR SKILL SHOT ABILITIES, if you’re wraith you’re screwed against this comp.

Try your best to stay in between the body and Jack, doing this will require you to move around in the dome. This also allows you to keep damaging Hank and Jack while you pull Lazarus in. also allows you to stop a revive without Jack getting in the way.

three things can happen from here.

The team will kill you

the Laz will rush in for a revive

  • keep him off
    or you get get both hank or Jack down.
  • If that happens go eat the torvald
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get 3 abilitys and dmg perk so you will have 3 t2 abilitys from the beginning
from there its not hard to down the trapper

same tactic on perma invisible laz

just never stop focus trapper

easiest way is kill the trapper until ure stage 3 full health /armor

after that just kill the assault and kinda bodycamp him (theres way less pressure without an assault)

are you on ps4 ? and you are silver and the hunter were silver too ? and this game was yesterday if that so thin you are tha monstar we play aginst

Yep I am.
GG but cheese all over.