Advertisement for TU09


Hey community, hey developers,

I know that we are all hyped for TU09 (especially me :3).
And I really wanna see some advertisement for TU09 when it’s coming out.
I wanna see advertisement in TV, on YouTube, Twitch, … JUST EVERYWHERE.

In this advertisement, the Devs should talk about all the changes that the TU09 brings with it,
free maps, free gamemodes, free adaptions, free skins and everything about Evolve.
Btw I would like to see some big beards in this advertisement. :wink: @DB_Sinclair

What the community can do is simple.
All active players should make as much positive reviews as possible when TU09 is out.
Just make reviews on Steam and Youtube.
And don’t forget to tell your friends about the big changes in Evolve.

That’s my plan to save Evolve.
What do you think about it?

  • I would like to see advertisement for TU09
  • I wouldn’t like to see advertisement for TU09

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@LadieAuPair Can we get some advertisement with big beards for TU09?

I really hope TU9 marketing is gonna be extreme topnotch

TRS and 2K are on it. :slight_smile:


As I said in the other thread, I totally agree with you… people showing that they’re playing and loving the new title update is going to help those “related videos” not just show the same replays of old Evolve and old Evolve reviews, so I’m on board with your plan :wink:


I am afraid there will be none


He means that the game works on that model


I’m so happy now! :slight_smile:


But we also got a new gamemode and some new maps. I mean TRS should talk about the arena- mode and the new maps because there might be players that don’t know that. And IF TRS makes new maps the they should let the people now.


So I think this is as good a place as any to just make it clear what is, and is likely, to be the situation with what people are getting with Evolve that has been going on since release. These are the sort of things that people will be best just pushing so that new and lapsed players know what is going on.

##A revamped game

###Were you the kind of hunter that hated how much running you had to do against Wraith?
###That despaired when your trapper couldn’t throw a dome to save their (or your) life?
###Got bored waiting for 2 minutes when you died because your team didn’t shield you at the right time?

Hunters and hunting is now reworked to make finding and catching the monster less of a chore, amongst the many changes this game now everyone can throw the dome, no more waiting for the trapper to catch up. Monsters have also been reworked so they can no longer spend the whole game just running like cowards (why even call them monsters in the first place if they’re just going to run, right?!).

And if you do die? Body camping is now much harder, and at the start of the game you could be back in the action in as little as under 10 seconds! But in case you’re worried, hunters will also be getting some passive health regen as standard, great for those games where your medic just isn’t quite on point.

###Did you hate as a monster being able to escape the hunters after a dome?
###Wished you felt more like a monster even at stage 1?
###Got frustrated by those cowardly hunters running around trees and rocks just out of your reach?

Monsters have had a major rework which means that, amongst many other changes, getting away from hunters after the dome has dropped is much more reliable. Got snagged on that tree leaping away as Goliath? No more with even better destructables in map and air control to help you get a better distance on each leap. And with 4 ability points to spend at stage 1 instead of 3 you’ll now have a full range of abilities to throw at hunters in the early game.

##Play your way with a group

Now in “quickplay” you can party up with your friends and still play as monster, after much feedback TRS changed it so that while you can play Ranked (see below) to play as only monster, or only hunters, now you can play as a team and one of your friends can set their preference to monster so that they can play with you but still play on the opposite team from you.

##Free characters

TRS have added two amazing DLC packs to the game, but these aren’t the only characters around. With two new monster adaptations, and 4 hunter adaptations (with a full total of 3 monster adaptations and 12 hunter adaptations announced as planned), you can mix up the normal playstyle of your favourite character with a completely new twist.

And the best thing, these new variations are included free to everyone who owns the game.

##Bug fixes

It’s no secret that the game suffered heavily from some pretty devestating bugs that caused crashes and disconnects, and it’s understandable that people chose not to stick with the game if they suffered with them. But with some hard work and working with people like NVidia to get to the bottom of the issues these problems seem to have been resolved for the vast, vast majority of people. And with a concerted effort by TRS to also optimise the game more, you may find that your framerates and stability is better than it ever was!

##Ranked play

Most people agree, Evolve is at its best when the two teams are evenly matched in skill. Ranked mode isn’t a competitive mode, but one that aims to work out what your skill level is in game and match you against a monster or hunters who are in a similar skill bracket as you. Just keep playing ranked mode and you’ll find more matches that are intense and balanced fights until the end!
##A new game mode

Arena mode was added to the game for those people that want to just fight, and practice their fighting. A fully armoured staged 2 monster with 7 ability points to spend vs a team of hunters. With a time limit, it’s kill or be killed as the winner is the only team left standing in a best of 3 brawl.

##New maps

Two new maps were released for Hunt offering completely new challenges to hunters and monsters. Broken Hill mine features a more circular map with an emphasis on caves and hallways that lead off to three larger more open areas, each with their own pros and cons for each side. Broken Hill Foundry is a deceptively small map but with more verticality than any other map.

A special Arena Mode only map, Broken Hill Murder Pits, is also included with 5 unique areas with elements that make them individual interesting, including one with a monster controllable door, and another with a deadly Tyrant pit in the middle.

But some old maps are also becoming new again… with an emphasis on making the game easier to pick up, maps will be clearer, brighter and in some cases reworked to provide more visual landmarks and areas to fight. This doesn’t mean an easy ride for the hunters though as weather will come and go on these maps at crucial points in the match.

And of course, all maps are provided free if you own the game!

##Free skins (just for playing!)

TRS have given away dozens of free skins over the course of the life of Evolve so far just for playing the game and helping towards completing community challenges. Contributing to winning a number of games, or dealing a certain amount of damage, as different characters has netted players who are able to play on challenge weekends (Friday through Sunday) new skins for all of the characters, even including DLC characters.

And with TRS supported community tournaments people can try their hand at the more competitive side of Evolve with prizes for those who get far enough of exclusive skins for beating their competition and, for that weekend at least, being one of the best Evolve teams around.

These are just some talking points to press home (hopefully). I feel that people are going to be concerned about old things they experienced in terms of gameplay they didn’t like (FT3, not being able to find the monster, monsters that didn’t want to fight), and the crashes they experienced, but also about the ever present DLC model and so it can’t hurt to make it clear just what we have received for just being owners and players of the game.


You forgot to say that they added Broken- Hill Murderpits. Hopefully we get some new maps if the playerbase grows again.


I included it, but I’ve added the name to make it clearer, thanks :slight_smile:


This is great; a tighter “educational” package like this in video on Steam and other platforms which we can then all signal amplify would be fantastic.

In TRS we trust :slight_smile: looking forward to seeing what they’ve got in the pipeline


I’m the 4th liker of this thread and yet I’m the first voter. Talk about ghosts accounts lol :stuck_out_tongue:


This isn’t really a thread for discussing the changes, the “tease” thread is there for that :slight_smile:


Thank you bro ^^


My apologies - I’ll scoot over onto there. ^^


I’m guessing they are going to announce or maybe release the date for Title Update 9 at E3. Its june 14-16
@GentlemanSquirl any comment to this?


I’m all in for this but i got a suggestion for trs.
Dont call it TU9
Call it “Evolve 2.0 TU1”… calling it TU9 it may give the feel to other people who don’t know evolve would think “hey, it’s just another update oh well”.
While instead with Evolve 2.0 TU1 they would scream “OH MAI GAWD IT’S THE VERSION 2.0 FIRST UPDATE OH GAWD”
“2.0” best version for advertising evah

-apply kappa to the whole post except that i’m totally in for the ads


They’re not calling it TU9, I think they’ve already said elsewhere that they’ll be pushing it as something different to a simple patch


I’m thinking the same dude. But I forgot to post. :3


I was going to ask this very same question today! And then I went to the home screen of the forums and saw this thread. Thanks Obama.