Advanced Slim Tips


The best perks that you could use for Slim are, Quick switch, Health regen, and Reload speed. With Q.s. you can switch to your healing drone, leech gun, and spore clouds a lot quicker. H.r. is useful when you’re using a cloak, it’s also good when facing Wraiths and Krakens, and when you’re on the chase with little wildlife to shoot since the assault would take it all out… Reload speed is still a viable perk to also run with since it helps reload your leech and spore cloud gun faster.

Find that comfortable sensitivity where you’re able to track and shoot the monster with your reticle of course. My sensitivity is at 69.

Fight within a spore cloud as it’ll trouble the monsters ability to smell and it’ll also help you and your teams dodging potential. Grassy areas and behind trees or obstacles that you could circle would help avoid detection or focus.

Healing drone works well while doing splits, if someone were to get hit by a dune beetle, and you were nowhere near, you could still heal them; Unless they got pounced. Also during combat when against a monster that changes targets.

I hope that all of this information would help get you comfortable, if you were to play as Slim.
You can share some of your Tips or discuss a concern or rant about Slim as well.


I feel like you stole someone else’s thread name
But nice job I heard capacity was good to though btw


Haha, maybe. All that does though is give you an extra 3 shots, which is another healing burst. If it also gave a second bug or spore then it’ll be amazing!


Another thing is if you’re being attacked, dont look the other way and start running like other medics. You want to be looking at the monster and shooting it when it attacks you, that allows you to heal yourself and prepare to dodge abilities at the same time. I have run into so many Slim’s that try running away from the monster and just get destroyed because they dont heal themselves.


Moving while shooting increases the spread of the pellets. You ideally want to be stationary with a good viewpoint and within heal burst range of your fellow hunters.

Also, shooting at a controlled pace helps as they introduced a “smart choke” a few patches ago. This essentially makes it similar to abe. If the monster is far away, shoot slowly, if it is right in your face and you don’t know how you could possibly miss a pellet fire away.


The only thing I need to know as Slim is how to use the healing drown on yourself. While playing with bots I noticed the bot Slim was able to do it, but I haven’t figured out how.


That is a bug.

pun FULLY intended :stuck_out_tongue:


Reload speed isnt as great on slim anymore since it doesnt affect how fast he recharges the HB. Even with the reload on the leech gun, id rather just switch to a spore, and by the time its done firing my gun will be reloaded. Capacity or HR work wonders tho.

Also slims spread when rapid firing and/or moving is terrible. Its almost never a good idea to spam the leech gun as fast as possible. If you play crow, the rhythm you get when firing his long rifle is about the fastest you should fire it imo. This one’s obvious but aim center mass, dont try to go for headshots. Youll heal better.


Allow me to add:

As soon as an injured Hunter stops being attacked pop a drone on them. No period of time is, ‘too short to make a difference’.



What do I do when shooting at the monster is not enough to heal my self faster then being hurt? I ask this because I notice several times shooting at the monster as Slim was not enough to save me.


This necro… I feel like you’ve done this a few times, now.

Anyways, you move. Sad that’s all that can be said, but it’s true. Slim has basically no self-sustain, compared to other Medics, and no form of mitigation or CC to allow escape and heal. I recommend you coordinate with Trapper and make sure you know where all the traps and players are, so you can run that way when being focused. Never turn around, because that kills your healing, so shooting a Spore Cloud and dodging once, then run to teammates without stopping healz. Shoot Spores an necessary while fleeing. Spores + Cloak is a potent combo, so staying next to Support is never a bad decision with Slim.

In short, retreat. Run to teammates and use them to mitigate and deny focus on you.


@TrickshotMcgee thanks


OH I GOT ONE!!! What about Slim tips and strategies when playing against a kraken?! Slim is utterly terrible against Kraken imo.


This is almost always true, but Kraken relies on sight and smell, just like other Monsters, but he is at range, and if he can’t smell, he is further impaired and skillshots are almost impossible. Keep him covered in Spores and anyone can land any ranged damage they want. Works well enough against Kraken when paired with Abe, so Kraken is slower and burning more traversals to stay up. Not seeing, smelling, or flying a Kraken can be killed relatively easily.

Even keeping Kraken in Spores, he may still win because of Slim’s poor self-sustain. If and when he lands a skillshot, Slim will be forced to give away his position to heal. Banshee Mines counter this play very well and force a break in Spores. Try using the bug more often than the HB and Leech Gun. It heals more discreetly and isn’t seen easily at range while in Spores, plus it is faster than HB and doesn’t give away Slim’s position. Allows him to keep Spores up. Reload Speed perk is recommended for this strategy. Health Regen also works well, because it removes the need to heal Slim as long as you’re avoiding damage.

Hope some of it helps.


I don’t health gem would be one of the best perks for him. But definitely quick switch and reload perk


I disagree about his self sustain, I feel it’s quite noticeable


Use to go reload when it worked with class specials…now though, quick switch all the way for me.

Able to spore on the spot, send the drone out instantly and then get back to damage/filling the burst.

When I go slim, my healing priority starts with the drone THEN the HB. It’s just how I approach playing him.


Just wait until the next TU, he will be viable again :slight_smile:


He already is, but it takes a lot of practice and skill to play him. Plus team play. Pubs can’t protect him or coordinate properly.

Best way to do it.