Adult conversations

@Chickenprotector I stood up for you, you asshole!

@Foxtrot94 Give me a no homo hug!

@SledgePainter @Foxtrot94 They are too tiny!


Can you perhaps put all your content in one topic so we can admire your stuff ?

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Just make a channel already

Not my video. You have to ask @SledgePainter.

Sure but if you gonna make every topic for every video that including you the forum will be come bloated

I didn’t post every video I’m in. In fact, if you look at her channel, you’ll see I posted only a small fraction.

Sure sure fam,but you still post a lot on this forum that can be packed in one topic,thinking about it for a bit,eh ?


I am doing that right now.

I do not mind posting them. I post them to the public. My channel itself probably contains too many videos too, lol.