Ads for Evolve


Evolve has brought a whole new genre of game to the table. It is graphically amazing and fun to play. I just wish more people played it. But 99.99% of people I know have not heard of this game. Which makes me think that you guys should just make some ads for this game. I’m sure that you would get a lot more sales instantly because of how fun it looks :slightly_smiling:


Oh hey @StateFromJakeFarm do you remember playing with a person named lessugar?


well I saw like 20 level 1-10s and they were actually quite good


I’ve always wanted Evolve to be advertised on Monster Energy Drinks. It’d be perfect!!!


Personally I don’t understand why they don’t advertise all the free variations that they’re adding to the game (with an emphasis on them being FREE).


Actually…Pretty sure most people have heard about the game because of the controversy.

I think what 2K and TRS need to do is create more goodwill so it does better.

I really want this game to be huge but the DLC salvo at the beginning (and the internet hive mind) maimed it.


Yeah, and DLC wasn’t and isn’t bad. I’ve spent more money on BO3 getting skins than I have here.


I don’t want to start an argument so I will choose my words carefully:

The dlc was incredibly overpriced, which is the only thing I have against Evolve’s business practices. I don’t mind DLC because I can take it or leave it, but that pricing structure was awful.

That and not explaining clearly enough to the masses (although the masses can be…dense) that the hunting seasons were not traditional season passes.

It’s a bit disappointing because I really wanted this game to be massively successful because of the creativity and obvious passion but such is life.

But I will agree that they need to promote the free stuff better.


That’s all 2K’s doing.


Yes, but that doesn’t change the fact that it affected the game, clearly.

Blame is secondary.


Because the ads themselves would cost tons of money, so it would be fiscally irresponsible to advertise free content.


I don’t understand. From the get go when I bought the hunting season pass, it specified what I would be getting.
I don’t get what is confusing about that. It said, you receive “X” number of hunters and monster. People just want everything handed to them for nothing. They also don’t realize that you don’t have to purchase any of the dlc to be able to play and enjoy the game.


We need an ad that mostly consists of Cabot giving a speech and asking for new recruits to the hunters, then getting stepped on at the end by a Goliath with an Uncle Sam hat and the caption “I want YOU for team monster!” I think that would get people’s attention.


Like I said, the internet hive mind is quick to anger and they (2K) could have/should have worded it a little better.

I was surprised that there was a second hunting pass but then again I didn’t really read into what the first contained.

Most of the anger comes from such an aggressive dlc plan and then saying “here’s another round of season passes”.


Aggressive plan? You’re not forced to buy it. Unlike CoD, you don’t need map packs to play with your friends. You are never, ever required to spend a dime in this game.
When I go into a store for my favorite game, I want to see it full of things to expand my experience as well. But, 99% of the dlc is skins. And those are definitely not necessary to enjoy this game.
I still don’t get the “aggressive dlc plan” statement. I see nothing more than rainbow six; CoD, BF or any other game out there.


"Oh hay you paid $60 for this game, here are a bunch of different pc versions that have differing amounts of dlc. Oh and a $30 hunting season pass.

Oh hay, here’s another $30 season pass.

Wait…where’s our fanbase?"

Lets say you have a PS4 or X1 version so you can’t get everything (that matters anyway) for $99 with the Monster Race ed on PC.

That’s $59.99 + $29.99(2) = $59.99 + $59.98 = $119.97

That’s 3 cents away from being $120 for a single game. Add those 3 cents and you can get TWO new games at $59.99 (assuming you buy digital).

There’s a reason why the community didn’t surge like it should have. Sure we can blame needless and fanatical hatred from the internet hive mind but 2K gave them all the reason to.

I didn’t get Evolve on day 1 because it was too much of an investment for something I might not even like, clearly other people were the same.


Isn’t there a version for Consoles now? Came out back near Gorgon release, iirc. Ultimate Edition of something like that.

And $120 is a bit much… Season 1 and Season 2 together is $40, on top of $40 for the base game, then $10 for Bob, if you didn’t preorder. So that’s $90 to get every playable aspect of the game to a fresh buyer.

I suppose for the completionists out there that’s a hefty price tag, but you really don’t need DLC Hunters to enjoy the game. If you say you do, you likely aren’t a fan of the game in the first place, as none of them really twist the core of an average match to the extent that Lazarus can, for example. Nothing really changes in the grand scheme with Torvald over Hyde, or Crow over Maggie. Merely playstyles.

I always recommend to friends to just get the base game for $40 (Or cheaper from other sources. Seen base game for as low as $10, just need to look around a bit) and see if they even like the game before thinking about going any further. It’s a niche title, for sure. Best to make sure you even enjoy the gameplay before delving further, eh?

I also don’t count Cosmetic in that total, clearly, as frankly, if someone wants to have their pixels colored differently and fork over some cash for it, that’s their dime and noone’s business but theirs. You know, the whole ‘Don’t Need it, don’t buy it’ thing that stops us from loading up on useless crap every time we’re at the grocery. Received more than enough through events personally anyways, and the things don’t affect the game itself so… :stuck_out_tongue:

Though yes, 2K definitely shot themselves in the foot here. They severely crippled themselves in the profit area for trying to be ah… marketive? Iunno if that’s a word. It is now. In any case, reasonable or no, they added a few too many straws to the pile.
Seems they were trying to ride on the genuine hype before release and revealing things that should not have been so early, especially when “DLC” is the new f-bomb this day and age. Still wonder what 2K were smoking the day they thought talking about priced DLC before release was a good idea, since that’s when the whole controversy even started, alongside the 8 (possibly exaggerated :stuck_out_tongue: ) different purchase options. Shrug Hindsight’s 20/20 I suppose.


Yeah i’m not counting the microtransactions because they were mostly shortcuts to skins or unique skins, big whoop.

But you know, 2K derped in more than one way.

When you don’t specify that the microtransactions are just silly skins and shortcuts then all of this happens. That and the whole “if you want the full experience you need to fork over enough money for a second game” thing.


There’s many games that have various releases for various prices. So, not worried about that. CoD has two or three different release versions EVERY year. So I don’t buy that one bit.

And once again, there is NOTHING that states you HAVE TO purchase anything else but the base game. It is ALL completely OPTIONAL.


You’re really not seeing what i’m saying hm?

There’s clear evidence that their strategy backfired so no idea why it’s not obvious.

I’ll choose Rainbow Six: Siege.

It has three versions:

Gold brings a season pass that only gives you first dibs on new characters, permanent bonus on exp earning, exclusive skins for your weapons, ingame currency and other silly stuff like that. It’s definitely overpriced but it’s one of those “who cares” moments.

Digital plus just has some ingame currency and that’s it.

Standard brings nothing.

And yet no drama.


Cause most people cancelled their gold pre orders because the season pass was pretty neutered by the whole “everybody’s still getting the same characters regardless of ed” and it worked spectacularly for them. People still bought it, they still play it because UBI has supported their game and their DLC plans weren’t utterly stupid as 2Ks.

Not doing the maths again cause that’s silly, but it’s obvious why Evolve suffered heavily.