Admiral Ackbars voice actor dies at 93 from natural causes


Erik Bausefeld was found dead in his CA home of natural causes :sob:


What? “It’s a trap” :frowning:



Sucks to hear about this news. :frowning:



Rest in peace sir. He will be remembered.


The meme will never die. Unless TruthOrange gives it cancer from their shitty advertisements…

It’s a trap…


they walked into his home, wondering where he was

They did not know that it was a trap, and that the Admiral was the bait

sadness was all that remained

RIP in peace, Admiral. Rest knowing that the death star is no more



our feels cannot repel sadness of that magnitude…


Rest in Peace. o7

I always wished that he’d died in any sort of trap, say a bear trap or an ambush. It’d be an epic way to die for sure. Not intending to disrespect or anything.


Dying of natural causes at older than 90 is winning at life. He had a good, long life, at least.


jeez I just realized he was like 60 when they did NEW HOPE


Rest in peace Erik Bauersfeld. We’ll always remember you. The internet will never let us forget.