Adjusting Wraith's Abduction


Make Abduction do full damage on hit, not after being abducted and doing damage on the original location. I don’t think it’s fair Hank has a chance to react with his shield to a successful skillshot.


It already does damage on hit, and on the end of the abduct. So twice.


All damage should be done on the moment you hit a target.


He’s saying that all that damage should be done at once. Right now Hank or a shield drone will shield the target and neutralize that damage.

Which, if you’ve just pulled off a 114 meter Abduct, is just dumb.


Idk about this. I feel if this were the case if you incapped with the skill then you just wouldn’t grab them at all.


Should be possible because you can abduct incapped hunters.


Ik, I just feel if you incapped with the skill it would glitch up and they wouldn’t get pulled off, considering how buggy the skill can be already. if they could make it work I would be totally for this.