Adjusting the character Rank system to reflect their role more


So it’s my suggestion that the present system for ranking characters up has a fairly major flaw.

Many people have pointed out how they’ve not got Val’s second Sniper level and I’m sure there will be more for other hunter’s weapons coming soon.

I’d suggest maybe a weighted EXP system focused on their role with each contributing to the rank up.

For example with Griffin he has a requirement to deal damage with his SMG. Yet he’s far more important controlling the flight and keeping the monster on the line to let team mates pour in more damage.

As people have already been pointing out there is a little bit of a community issue of certain players being new to the game and trying to play it like COD and not bothering with abilities.

Having to grind for weapon damage (even with the boost from Hunter’s Quest) isn’t really helpful towards teaching players the game or promoting good play techniques.

As such rather than having all the kit parts ranked you combine it and weight it with the rank 2 unlocks being achieve as people pass milestone points.

It could be done weighted at at present with all parts fairly equal or be done with class based items holding a higher amount of Rank progress while shooting nets lower for all classes except Assault.

Either way it seems like forcing players to play sub-optimally to grind out things like weapon damage on medic or support classes (and even for Griffin in the Trappers due to his low damage gun) is counter productive to a game many people newer to gaming are having to learn to play as almost an entire new style of play (COD did a number on FPS players due to being so simple)