Adequate buffs to underpowered Hunters


Tier 1 Assault, Markov
All-round Assault.

I always pick Markov when my role is Assault, but I frequently hear some complaints from the other Hunter players; “Why would you pick Markov? He deals little damage compared to the other Assaults…”
Needless to say, Markov’s defensive strategies are above average thanks to the Arc Mines. But when offensive actions are required, Markov loses its shine due to slightly low damage output of the Lightning Gun and the Assault Rifle.
I would not say too much about the Assault Rifle, since all secondary weapons for the Assaults except Torvald are supposed to be weak.
But as I said, the Lightning Gun is slightly weak. Easy-to-use and chain-attack are the Lightning Gun’s good assets as well, but you need little help from the Lock-on system when the Assault’s required position is already close to the Monster in the first place, and chain-attack is situationally beneficial. There are some fights that only 5 players are inside the dome.

Markov’s Lightning Gun needs a small damage buff.
That is all that I want to say about Markov.

Suggestions :

  • +5% damage output increase to the Lightning Gun.


Currently, Markov’s Lightning Gun deals 147 damage over 1 second.

This buff will change the damage output to 147 * 1.05 = 155 damage over 1 second.

It becomes identical to Hyde’s Flamethrower without additional fire DoT damage.

Tier 1 Medic, Val
Medic that also provides utility.
Despite the usefulness of the Tranquilizer Gun, a few users still consider her as underpowered Hunter. The biggest downside that Val has, is ‘Lack of Self-Defense’, and TRS has tried to fix this by increasing self-healing effectiveness of the Healing Burst. But it still does not change that fact that only Val has viable 1 defense-tool compared to the other Medics. Tranquilizer Gun only slows the Monster’s basic movements and not the Traversals and the Abilities, so it is not useful as a defense-tool.

Here is the list of the viable defense-tools that each Medic has.
Val : Healing Burst
Lazarus : Personal Cloak + Healing Burst
Caira : Healing Grenade Launcher + Healing Burst
Slim : Spore Cloud Launcher + Healing Burst

The other Medics have an additional tool that can keep the owner alive when Healing Burst is on cooldown, and vice versa. But Val cannot. So Val requires external help (such as the Shield Projector, the Shield Drone or the Cloaking FIeld) from Hunter teammates.
Now, you may say “Then stick with the Support and cloak yourself, what is the problem?”
There is a cooldown for the Cloaking Field for game-balance. You cannot remain cloaked forever, and as a Medic, you sometimes need to break the concealment and start healing teammates in the first place. And the Cloaking Field is an indirect defensive tool that only provides visual concealment. It is likely to reduce incoming damage, but only ‘likely’. If Val is already being focused by the Monster, the Cloaking Field has lower effectiveness. But the Shield Projector and the Shield Drone are 100% reliable, since they provide extra layer of Hit Points.
So Val remains viable, only when there is either Hank or Sunny in the team. Val becomes a bad choice when there is an offensive Support on the team. But the other Medics’ perfomances are still consistent even when their only external help is the Cloaking Field.

So my suggestion for Val’s buff is this;

  • Allow Val to heal herself with the Medgun.
  • When the Medgun is active, press RMB (or Left Trigger for Controllers) to heal Val. Val will point the Medgun at her left hand and start healing herself.
  • TRS should consider removing all the self-healing buffs for Val’s Healing Burst when this new feature is implemented.
  • If TRS decided not to remove the buffs, then Medgun’s self-healing effectiveness should be decreased to 5% HP heal per gate.

Tier 3 Support, Cabot
Offensive Support.
The initial spec of Cabot was a nightmare to the Monsters, but after the Railgun neft and the Damage Amp nerf, he now has little offensive strengths even though he is introduced as an offensive Support.

There are a lot of factors to be considered when it comes to balancing defensive or utility-centered characters, but when we are talking about offensive characters, they are easier to balance since all of their worthiness are estimated by the ‘numbers’.
Yes, I mean "how much damage they can deal". So like the Markov’s suggestions I mentioned, Cabot is no different.


  • + 15% damage output increase to the Railgun.
  • 12.5% reload time reduction to the Railgun.
  • Damage Amp’s additional damage capacity is increased to 850.

These are all I can think of.


ACtually on val, maybe a 10% passive self heal while healing others (10% of the amount healed per sec. of course, not of total health, that would be redonkulous) and that would be cool…

Currently I don’t know how she is faring in 5.0 as a whole though…


Markov’s LG does enough dmg for what it can do. Plus that 12.5% increase only yields another 123 more dmg. Ar only nets another 110 dmg.

For Val, NO on the self megdun heal. That means either tranqs or sniper is going to be nerfed then. And I wouldn’t want that.

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and on cabot i think it should be one or the other, I personally think that the current reload should be kept but the damage nerf should be reverted.

850 on amp seems fair.


Val is viable with bucket or cabot. You just need your aces to be straight. IF you have good terrain you’ll be fine.


Most people still think Markov’s Lightning Gun and Assault Rifle’s damage outputs are not enough. Have you seen “Markov, Savior of the Colonists” reply on a certain thread and that reply has earned many Likes? It is still slightly weak, and +10% ~ +12.5% damage buff to all two weapons wll make them become a balanced weapon.

And I mentioned "If Val can now self-heal with the Medgun, either all the Healing Burst’s self-heal buffs should be removed to initial spec or self-heal effectiveness with the Medgun should be lowered to pre-buff state (which is 5% HP per gate). The Tranquilizer Gun and the Armor Piercing Sniper-Rifle do not need to be degraded.


Don’t forget maggie, griffin and jack can protect val as well. Crow to certain extent as well. Harpoons syngise well with Va. As does RF. Marko’vs mines also good a fairly good job at protecting her as well.


If markov’s weapons get buffed fine. I don’t really care. II’ve been getting along just fine. But for Val. The only buff I would like would be an increase to the medgun’s range. say 70-80m.


These are crazy buffs are you kidding me?

As for the Val buffs she is kinda squishy and that’s the point. She has a high utility and low survivability. It’s why she is only truly viable with a Hank/Sunny combo.

Again, crazy buffs. Not as crazy because it’s a support but still enough to be insane.

Bye bye relay punching.

The damage amp was just changed to be more bursty, this would only reverse that effect and cause a major imbalance.

Cabot was changed for the better, he isn’t UP, he just needs more coordination and skill to pull off.


External helps from the Trappers are unreliable. Only the Shield Projector and the Shield Drone are 100% reliable since they provide extra layer of HP (I mentioned earlier), and that is what matters for Val. Offensive deployables such as Sentry Guns and Arc Mines don’t work once the Monster determines to jump inside and leave a strike to Val.

And all the Trapper’s Crowd Control tools require additonal factors which are the positioning, and the range between the Monster and Val. Trapper’s Crowd Control tools’ perfomances are generally situational because of these two issues, so that’s why Trappers are valued by tracking rather than cc.
Anyway, Trappers may help Val’s survival, but it is not reliable as Shields, so that’s why people consider Support selection when Val is on the team.


Of course it’s not as reliable as a shield. But it’s something val can rely on if someone wants to play bucket or cabot.


First off, cut that sarcastic and exaggerating attitude.

Explain why buff I suggested for Markov is bad. Not just bashing the other’s opinion.

If Val is only viable with a Hank / Sunny combo, that means she is currently in an underpowered state and needs buffs.

For Cabot, all the Railgun’s buffs and the Damage Amp buff I suggested are only restoring 50% of the heavy damage * reload time * capacity nerf, so it will make Cabot as a balanced character; not like the previous overpowered state and the current weak state.


Caira’s even less effective with bucket or cabot then val is. The best medic for bucket and cabot is laz then val then slim then caira. Caira doesn’'t have the ability to keep up nor any way to defend herself. And it gets worse if the dmg isn’t poured onto fairly quickly either. since her dmg contribution is the worst in the game.


Excuse me, but I cannot agree with your opinion. Caira doesn’t have the ability to keep up nor anyway to defend herself?
Currently, she is the only Medic that can heal herself with a weapon. You may say there is also Slim, but he needs to attack in order to heal himself. There is no gateway for Caira’s Healing Grenade Launcher. And Caira can also use the Acceleration Field to increase the possibility to avoid damage, if the cooldown has been recovered after the chasing phase. Val? If she doesn’t get external help from Bucket and Cabot, the only viable defensive tool she has is the Healing Burst.

And aren’t Medics’ primary weapons the worst in terms of dealing damage anyway? The fight gets worse for all sides if enough damage is not dealt to the opponents.


without a shield caira is the most helpless. At least with the others they deal more dmg, cloak, or blind the monster. AF is not saving caira. I have never seen it happen without a shield backing her.

At least with val she can plant one weakspot then flee. And let her TM’s deal much mroe dmg. Which can make the mosnter back off. Then there’s slim with the spores and then laz has his cloak.


Knock that off right now. It is not an attitude it is how I am, therefore be civil on these forums.

10% buff or more is enough to heavily unbalance someone or something. There happy now?

If anything Val needs better self heal with the HB, and her healing will always be terrible.

Cabot isn’t UP at all this update, he was seriously OP in the last update though. He is able to do the same amount of damage in shorter bursts. He just requires more getting used to, he isn’t UP by any means.


I didn’t say the Acceleration FIeld is the main source of Caira’s defense, only increasing the ‘possibliities’. It has a margin benefits but it is somewhat more reliable than the Trapper’s CC tools because it always affects her.
It is the ‘constant self-heal’ that makes people believe Caira is a strong Medic.

I’ve never seen Val’s bonus team damage dealth is higher than 1000. Only Parnell can greatly utilize the weakspot system since his primary weapon is the Combat Shotgun which fires pellets, and even with Parnell +1000 bonus team damage is quite rare.

The point is, I still don’t agree with about what you said; “Caira is the most helpless without a shield”. Val’s weakspot damage bonus is not enough to compensate her low self-sustainability.


Her self heal only heals 250…that’s nothing. At least with 2x weakspots and good aim you can force a monster to back off with enough dmg pumped into it. Not so with Caira.


Actually I think a slightly shorter recharge on the LG would be great. .5 to 1 full second less would be great actually.


Is your information correct?

What I am informed is, Caria’s Healing Grenade Launcher heals you 125 HP (= 7.8% of a Hunter’s Health) per shot. And even without a Capacity Increase perk, Caira can still heal herself to 31.2% with a single magazine.