Additional Unlocks - Victory Poses


You should add additional monster poses/roars/cool shit that shows when you win a match as monsters (hunters too). I think unlocking those would be much cooler than badges.


If there was a pose to match your profile pic I would die of laughter 11/10 I like this idea


I like the idea. I’m sure it’s something on the table since people have wanted this from Day 1 with Full Body Skins. We got the skins so anything is possible!


I could get behind it. Poses for Hunters in front of the dead Monster (Caira will have her picture, yes? :smiley: )

Something akin to Highlight Intros from Overwatch for Monsters I could support, as well :stuck_out_tongue:

I always had a dream of seeing the Victory screen featuring the monster literally ripping a Hunter in half and gobbling them down like a bite sized snack. Gruesome stuff like that, but hey, Monsters aren’t exactly Social Butterflies, yeah? :slight_smile:


Cool idea. at the moment winning as hunter is a bit dull while monster all have their dope-ass growls.
Definitely something I’d grind silver keys for