Additional mouse key bindings. Want to bind 4 of them to monster/equipment abilities


My mouse has a total of 11 buttons, with 4 thumb-buttons (Gamdia Zeus), Would there be a way to bind these extra buttons so each of these corresponds to an ability/equipment?



Like a specific equipment? i.e. only Hank’s shield generator?


More like a slot.

AE: pressing this button brings up the trapper’s dome, uses the 4 ability, or whatever other ability.


I thought this was already possible? I guess my mouse maps the buttons on the side to numbers so it’s mimicking the keyboard binding.


Keybindings are customizable on the PC version, so you can bind them to whichever key you desire. This includes mouse buttons.


See, I have the opposite problem. I have a total of 5 buttons on my mouse, which is fine for monster, but hunters have 6 potential button presses… attack, scope zoom, and 4 weapons/abilities. So I have to ditch a weapon and find it by scrolling the mouse wheel. I know, I could hit the number key or bind it to some other key, but I’m busy enough on that hand, I’d rather use a mouse button. Maybe I need to get a fancier mouse!


So the four side buttons seen here are bindable?


I guess it depends on mouse, but I’ve got a Razer hex and that binds mouse 1 through 5, mwheelup and down, plus binds the 6 side buttons to numbers 1 through 6. Those buttons on your mouse could reside as mouse buttons, in which case as long as you’ve got the drivers to allow them to be detected as such, evolve should allow you to bind them?


Ah, alright.


So I checked your mouse manufacturers out, you should have some software you can use to program those buttons to at worst mimic specific keyboard keys


My two thumb buttons on my mouse are bindable, they show up as MB4 and MB5. For whatever that’s worth.


If those buttons count as programmable keys, yes they are bindable. If those buttons count as mouse buttons 3, 4, 5, etc. it is also bindable. I personally have mouse buttons 4 and 5 bound in game and they are identified as such by the UI.


Well, as long as it picks up “3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11”…


I’m a multi-button mouse enthusiast and can tell you already that most games will not recognize more mouse buttons above MB7(and rarely too), the rest you have to bind to keyboard keys via your dedicated mouse software.


Awesome… I can make full use of my Razor naga in that case. I have a proteus core but it doesnt really fit my hand so I tend to play with the Naga. (So many buttons!)


Can you look into allowing keybinding to Xbox controllers for PC? All I want is to keybind my push to talk from g, onto my start menu on the controller.


Just bind mwheelup & mwheeldown as a weapon selection instead of scrolling! It makes you get 7 buttons on a 5 buttons mouse. That’s what I did with my deathadder. No need for scrolling in Evolve anyway…

mbutton1 Attack
mbutton2 Scope
mbutton3 Ability 1
mbutton4 Ability 2
mbutton5 Reload
mwheelup Primary Weapon
mwheeldown Secondary Weapon


It’s a little off topic here, only just, but I have to say how I can’t understand how I ever operated without a multi-button mouse.

I have movement and jetpack/climb on my keyboard, push to talk and minimap… but … that’s it. I’m probably going to work out a way to get minimap on the mouse too. Too handy!


I got 9+(2 keys for on the fly dpi adjustments) and all those keys are programmable… (+ scroll up and scroll down).

I think that mouse is more than enough for monster but for a hunter…well then again , you could bind Q and E and using those 2 keys easier than using mouse keys !