Additional burn-only radius for MG's abilities to be different from Goliath


Despite not having the opportunity yet to play myself, I can see from the streams that MG and Goliath still play pretty much the same, while it also appears that MG is a bit weaker in general.
Watching said streams, I came up with the following idea, that would set them further apart in their playstyle (namely Single-Target-Focus vs Spread-Damage).

So the idea is to add another radius-parameter to Rock Throw, Leap Smash and Charge, that is significantly larger. Instead of dealing full damage, it only sets everything on fire.

If you think about a real meteor, it also sets things on fire within a certain distances even if it does not hit them.

For example: (I don’t know the exact values as of S2 and have no clue what would be balaced, it’s just to give a general idea)
If Rock Throw had a 5 meter inner radius (full direct damage + burn DOT) and a 6 meter outer radius (half direct damage + burn DOT) there could be 12 meter burn radius in which it does no direct damage but sets all targets on fire.
Like that it would be much easier to get the DOT on all Hunters at once, thus playing differently than Goliath.

Going even further with that, if you were to reduce all direct damage and in return buff up the DOT, you may end up in situatios where it is the wisest choice to throw a rock in between 2 Hunters and have none suffer direct damage but both the DOT damage.
Now that would truly play differently than Goliath.