Addition to the game


Guys, I want to propose some addition to the game. To my mind, it would be more interesting if at the beginning hunters didn’t know which monster they were going to play with. And also it would be better if monster’s transformation was hidden. So that would be unexpected for hunters whom they were going to fight with. What do you think about that?


This seems like a better idea for a mode other than hunt, or a variation of it. Would the opposite apply and the monster be unaware if which hunters are hunting it?


You can tell from the footprints wich monster it is anyways xD


Yes. but lаter there will be more than two monsters, and not in all cases hunters could guess whom do they play with.


I think there are merits either way! Personally I like that you have that minute or so to align your tactics in your mind, to figure out what your team mix means against that particular monster so that when you get on to the ground you’re ready to just get in to the fight, at least in the hunt mode.

But that said I wouldn’t be against the idea that it’s a blind hunt either, I don’t think it’d be a huge game changer!


Great idea!


I would love that aspect of uncertainty that would follow a blind matchup.


It’s interesting, because I think the story is important in every game, and I think an issue like this should be determined by it. Do the Hunters know anything about this monster they’re hunting, or are they walking in blind, without any intel?


I know for a fact back in Feb Denby Grace said they were experimenting with a Gamemode of that type where you don’t know what Monster you’re facing.


It’d be really simple to do, and is a great idea. I’d love a blind matchup. Monster doesn’t know the hunters, and hunters don’t know the monster. I’d play it!


I dunno, it might be interesting at first, but not knowing what the trapper is as a monster REALLY hurts your ability to get a good lead. If it’s daisy, they’ll eventually be able to find you. With Griffin you skirt the edges more. With Abe you can have a strong early game. Not knowing those sounds good on paper, but I don’t think it works as well as you might think it would.


Alternate scenario:
You have your awesome hunter team of hank, maggie, lazarus, and markov.
Oh it looks like you are going against Kraken.
Have fun!

It works both ways. And you could always have it setup like Mobas where blind pic games are not ranked and just for fun.


I don’t understand where this whole, ‘You need to have the right hunters or else’ mentality comes from. Hank, Maggie, Lazarus, and Markov can win just as much as another team. It’s all about adapting to your strengths and weaknesses. Hank is great against Kraken because if you spread out he can shield the one person being targeted. Hank is REALLY good against a spread out team with Kraken. Markov’s lightning gun has a great range and can hit a flying Kraken pretty easy. Maggies turrets on ledges can snag the Kraken. Laz can revive after the high damage being done. On top of that, Laz is actually great against Kraken because Kraken tends to fly and has a harder time trying to cover a corpse. If it is doing nothing but melee attack/lighning bolt the dead body, you have 45 seconds to wreck his health. There are pros and cons for any setup. Find what makes you strong and the monster weak.


Not to mention that in a more ranged play laz’s sniper rifle may not give as much of a damage bonus as val, but gives many more points to hit with Hank’s laser cutter and the other’s more conventional weapons


Yes I’m aware of all those things. Of course everyone uses their abilities as best then can. Maggie -> traps on cliff, Hank -> shield whoever is getting focused, etc. Of course you play to your strengths, otherwise, why even try?

But I’m saying that certain hunters are better against certain monsters. Not that any hunter team is obsolete. People love to twist my points on this forum. I’m simply saying that Val with tranq is possibly the most useful hunter against the kraken. Bucket doesn’t really have any weaknesses as his kit is pretty good anywhere while it’s very difficult for hank to get an orbital on the kraken. Griffen is very effective against the kraken and able to pull him around. Hyde is very good against Kraken with the chaingun as well as flame thrower while Markovs mines are basically made useless (unless the Kraken is really bad).

Back on topic though. I like the idea of a blind pick mode. But just have it be a more ‘for fun’ kinda thing and not have it ranked.