Adding Friends - Needs improvement


I’m requesting there be various methods of adding new people to the friends list. The recent players function in Steam doesn’t work with Evolve and if we can have a search player function to add people as well.

Currently to add people we need to search them up on Steam and there can be hundreds to thousands of people with the same names.

On another note anyone know a high ranking Hank player named Juicy? I played with him in a group but forgot to add him and I can’t find him on Steam. D:


I’m a highish ranking hank named Juicy!


I sent you a PM in your inbox.


If you guys would like to link up sometime in Evolve just reply back on this topic. I am currently trying to find good teammates that will communicate, and the ones I have found I can’t add because the friend adding is currently broken in Evolve.


What level?


Hello everyone!

I am a level 25 primary monster player.

I like being a sneaky goliath.
I like being an overly aggressive, suicidal, level 1 wraith.

However I play hunters too.

I enjoy Lazarus or Val as medic.
Hyde or Markov for assault
I love all the trapers.
I do not like playing the support class. I am not good at any of them.

My steam name is Ephringael, just as it is here. You’ll know you found me when you see the steam icon burned into your brain when you close your eyes.

Doesn’t matter what level you are, I’ll play with anyone. So feel free to add me.