Adding a right click function on Leech Gun to activate Heal Burst


Because Heal Burst will constantly be used with Slim and his Leech Gun, I was wondering if adding a right click function to Leech Gun activates his Heal Burst so we don’t have to press 4 repeatedly which is awkward and we don’t have to specially set the keybind to something else when specifically playing Slim.

@MacMan is this a possibility?


Yes please. Screw zooming in, if I have to awkwardly reach for the 4 button every single time I’m going to break a finger.

And I don’t want to change it for all my Hunters just so I can play Slim.

This is an excellent idea. :+1:


And thats why i asked for specific keybindings for every char month ago, but people told me that is a stupid idea.


Hrm, I get it. Let me know what you think in a week.


Oh thank the lord, the devs saw this.


I have all my hunter and monster abilities bound to mouse keys, you should do the same. Just don’t make the mistake of binding the class ability to the mouse scroll wheel like I did unless you want to face the terror of not being able to take down a missed dome (skrub lord casual mistake)


Thing is…if I rebind heal burst to right click just for Slim it would conflict with other medics like Val who HAS to use the aim down sights for Sniper and Tranq, I’d have to rebind it everytime I switch to Slim and every other Medic (or any other Hunter).


Not all of us have mouse keys. And even for those of us that do, it can be rather clunky and uncomfortable.

Probably have to with Slim though. :confused:


I had every ability on mouse and it felt weird. I either would like to have 2 Keybindings or individual for every character. Thats not rocket science to implement and would add a lot. Those workarounds should not be needed in 2015.

Now i have 1,2,3 and mouse 4 for Ability 4. That kind of is okay for most things, except banshee mines. they are awkward on 2, too :stuck_out_tongue:


I would recommend a different keybind then, one of the buttons surrounding wasd, I know not all of them are actually used.


To each their own I guess. I find the mouse buttons improve my play since I never have to take my fingers off wasd; I barely have to move my finger to get to the mouse buttons and can retain full mobility.

EDIT: I do agree, however, that the keybinding customization for each class or even character would improve play.


Q, E and R are all used. I tried putting them on Caps Lock, Z, X, C, V, B, F, G, and T, but my left hand has minor nerve damage and it gets tricky. It feels very unnatural.

But whatever. If this feature isn’t implemented, it won’t be impossible to spam 4. Just annoying.


Right click is a good solution because it’s easily manipulated with the hand and will be in constant use.


OK, sure, I am not trying to lessen your point, but it is a thing that would require code changes right? So it isn’t something that can be micropatched, also, macman said to give feedback on how it feels next week. Which means that we are probably 4-6 weeks away at least from that feature being implemented even if they do decide that’s a change they want to make. This would be a long enough timeframe that learning a new keybind for the fourth ability (some people struggle with 4, idk, I have them all on my naga mouse.)is probably a good solution.


F sounds like it should be decent. And it feels unnatural because you already use 4. The game supports secondary keybinds right? have it be on 4 and F see if you can slowly change over, then by the time slim is released you will be good to go. Its not a fix, its a work-a-round, but you other option is to just spam 4 every 3-5 seconds, that seems more difficult with nerve damage than F.


It does not support 2 keybinding sets.


Tried F for a while. Could never, ever get it. :confused: Thanks for the suggestions though.


That’s not the point. Heal burst on the 4 key is fine with every other medic because you’re not spamming it consistently since their cooldowns are a lot longer.

It’s just awkward to manipulating 4 key repeatedly in a short time frame and keybinding heal burst to a specific key for Slim is just inconvenient.

That interferes with WASD keys, thus interfering with your movement. Plus, I use the F key as my mic button.


Then use your mouse4. Or every other key you like more. But don´t hardpatch this gun to function differently than every other gun in the game.


How’s asking a simple function that activates a mechanic which is closely tied to the gun which will be constantly used in combat making it function differently?