Adding a Random Map choice!


I play a lot of five man custom lobbies and one thing we have noticed is there is no “Random” choice when picking the maps. You have to constantly back out and change to a new Map, a random choice would be pretty helpful.

Just my two cents!


Yes please, this would make an excellent addition.


I don’t understand why there is no map rotation in customs…at all.


Ya its strange it does that, you can still search for skirmish in a 5 person party, I believe the maps are random that way


I agree, this would be a nice addition…


Agreed. A random map option should really be added.


Only problem with this is it chooses a random Monster too and usually only about 2-3 of us use em.


There are a lot of things that should be in the game but are only being looked at now. I chalk that down to TRS being limited in manpower. They can’t think of everything. :stuck_out_tongue: