Added foliage on Aviary?


Aviary looks slightly different, just thought this was interesting! Thoughts?


Same with fusion plant for me wtf?


I feel like they changed up the lighting in there, feels more cinematic in the forest area.


Aviary definitely has new foliage in the center area and a lighting change.


I figured the size of the patch was them altering the maps to allow for more reasonable travel as Behemoth, sounds like they also touched it up a bit. Nice.


Aviry looks a little more dark


I hate ferns.


I feel like there’s more small bits of destructible environment and sounds to match. There’s all kinds of stuff I keep knocking over with Behemoth and hearing the clinks and crunches of metal I never heard before. I can’t imagine I was just always avoiding all of this stuff before - in fact I distinctly remember it feeling weird that some things weren’t destructible.


The Wraith trap made me double back. It looked so different that I only realized it was the Wraith trap when I saw the trapped Wraith


I didn’t noticed any changes to Fushion plant.


Even Red Ferns?